Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day out with Melanie and Co.

Melanie came to Penang and fetched me to places today (Actually, Kent drove). I was still feeling drowsy when she called as I was sleeping after came back from work. As soon as I got into the car, I suddenly became less sleepy.

Kent drove us to a cake shop for drink/ice-cream and had a little chat. I had green tea and I have to thank Kent for the treat. :)

Thank you!!!!

The next agenda was to go to Hard Rock Hotel (yes, it is a tourist spot right now) and snapped some photos. Pastor Richard and Aunty Susan as well as some of their friends joined us at this point of time. We saw the sunset (well, almost) and then headed to Tanjung Tokong Food Court for dinner as the initial plan to go to Macalister Road fell through due to the heavy traffic.

We met up with Charmaine, Noa and Siew Kuan and had dinner together. I ordered roast pork rice but I was brought a plate of chicken rice instead. Never mind, I can forgive the stall since it was busy. Ever since I work in a hotel, my patience level has been going up. Thank God for the Patience Training!

Straits Quay was up next!

I looked at the beautiful yachts and wonder about rich people. Well, I can only watch from afar and not even touch it. I can only afford to own it in my dream. :P

Some beautiful cakes I saw from Sugar.

Angry Birds!

Mommy and I forever ♥

Who moved my cheese?

The classic Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

That's the end of my eve of Triple Pay Day and First Day of Raya!

Once again, Happy Raya Merdeka to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Night Shift

Yes, I have been lazy in updating again. I don't blame anyone for my laziness but I am living a bat life for five nights. That's because I am working in night shift and I sleep during the day and work during the night. But that doesn't mean I can excuse myself from blogging right? :)

I know.

So what do I think about working nights? I think it is quite interesting because it is way quieter in the night and the work pressure is less felt. I enjoy it. The downside is of course I have to sleep during the day which is not so normal. I am slowly adjusting to the shift and I have another two nights to go before going into afternoon shift.

It's going to be payday again soon! I love my work. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dinner at Claypot Place and the debut of The Car

Elaine took me to a new place for food today. After watching The Loan Shark, we headed to a place with claypots.

The dishes that we ordered or what Alfred ordered for us.

From the top left: Claypot 'Hong Bak' Pork (Nyonya style), Brinjal with minced meat and Thai style tofu.

Each dish snapped individually.

It tasted like the usual Thai style tofu from other places.

This one is special. I had so much potatoes and I thought they put a little too much potatoes. I later found out Alfred and Elaine didn't manage to eat the potatoes. Oops!

My favourite! Quite delicious and it reminded me of Poh San's cooking.

Take a look at this car!

Why are you not orange in colour?????

Sexy black car

The interior.

Will be starting my night shift on Saturday till Wednesday and I am excited! Had a crash course of what I am supposed to do during night shift. I hope I can remember everything. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love is the Only Answer

The trailer of Love is the Only Answer.

There's a little influence from My Sister of Eternal Flower at some point of the movie.

Orange pillow for the butt

I am in love with Orange. I have an orange phone and I recently bought two litres of Orange-fragrant body shampoo and now I am looking at an Orange pillow.

Maybe I should paint my car orange too.

Let's check the pillow out, shall we?

Look at the juicy orange. I wonder if it will be comfortable.

The backs of the orange.

Do you want an orange pillow too?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Careless Whisper - Instrumental

Careless Whisper for mommy dearie!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have been so inspiration-less that I have no idea what to blog but I thought that I should blog about BARLEY today.

There are so much goodness about barley. It has been a very long time since I have eaten home-boiled barley drink and I long to drink one now. I have had enough of powdered form barley drinks.

Barley is believed to be a preventive cure for cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as Type 2 Diabetes.

The origin of barley. This is how a barley plant looks like. It's wonderful to know that each grain has a priceless value for deterring deadly diseases.

The grains freshly plucked from the plant. This grains look very different from the regular Ipoh barley grains that I see. Hmm...

Look! These grains look more familiar, don't you think?

Another shot of the grains with a human touch to it.

I always thought barley can only be boiled but there are actually various ways to use barley in recipes.

Barley stew with onions and carrots. This picture makes me go hungry.

For those who are more into baking, you can make barley pies too!

I have never tasted barley pies. I wonder how they actually taste like? Anyone daring enough to take up the challenge to bake it? When you do, remember to leave a comment here so I can rush to where you are to have a bite. :)

After writing this post, I feel like going to a barley plantation. Any recommendation where I can find one?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Elaine!

Two days ago, I celebrated Elaine's birthday with Alfred and we went to Bar B Q Plaza for dinner. The initial plan was to go to a claypot place but it was unfortunately closed. What a luck the birthday girl had.

But it was a blessing in disguise as Elaine had not been to Bar B Q Plaza before and she finally had a chance on her 21st birthday.

Look at the array of pork and vege on the large plate.

There was a promotion and Elaine got discount for what we ordered. She insisted on paying for the food and said that it was only 21 years once that she will be treating us.

And so we sat there for almost one and a half hours barbecuing away and making delicious soup!

The next agenda was either to watch a movie or to go for a karaoke session. We headed to Red Box and the price was crazily expensive. RM47 per person and to make it all worthwhile, we had to sing till 3 in the morning! Then we asked whether we can sing till 10 and pay at a lower rate and the cashier said no, we still have to pay the same price.

So we thought of finding a movie to watch and because I had wanted to treat her the karaoke session, I pestered her to watch a movie but she said she didn't want to. She suggested that we walked about in the mall and then go home.

We came across this shop that sold Bird Nest Tart at RM18 for 3 and I insisted on going in. As there were three of us, it was the ideal place to stop and rest while enjoying a tart each.

Elaine and I. Notice the many bottles behind us that contained different kinds of bird nests.

Our pao shen tea with the egg tarts. If you look closely, you can see the bird nest on the tarts.

Don't laugh, but this was my first time eating bird nest. Never would I have thought that my first encounter with bird nest will be associated with egg tarts.

I was going to pay for this but Alfred was being insensitive and took my chance. In the end, I paid for the parking ticket that amounted to RM4.50 with Elaine's consent. :P

I am already in my fourth week as a permanent staff! How time flies!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

RM6 note

Have you seen the new RM6 note? I thought it was for real at first but when I saw the note, I went Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great laugh as I did!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

A short trip back to Ipoh once again!

I was back in Ipoh for a while to get my certs and I spent some time playing with the Elles. They slept more than play. I let them into the house for almost one and a half hours and they slept like babies.

Dozing off into wonderland.

They sleep nose to nose.

Speaking of dogs, here is a cute video of a dog jumping into the water. SPLASH SPLASH!!!

I had an adventure today. I left my purse together with my bus ticket in it in the car which my sis had driven to college and my dad drove like Batman to get to her college so that I could retrieve it.

Made it in time to the bus station but the bus was not there yet. Then at 4pm, when the bus was about to move, an old lady said she left her luggage and went down to retrieve it but it was actually inside the luggage compartment on top of her seat.

Finally reached home at 8pm and now I am sitting in front of the laptop typing my adventure. There was a bit more to it about how I met a Chinese Indonesian lady who spent 10 days in Penang and how sardine-packed the Rapid was. Good thing I got a seat or else I would be sandwiched by the people.

Tomorrow will be another day of work. I am getting used to it and hope I make less mistakes. Hehehe...