Wednesday, December 28, 2005


wouldn't life be great if we don't have to worry about things? just things..something is bothering my mind but i am not quite sure what it is..i think i am going psycho..that's one good way to put it..even when it seems that everything is absolutely okay, it isn't..had you ever had that feeling that what we did and accomplished are not good enough? well, i am feelling that way..just hope that tomorrow will be a better day..every time i go to sleep, i think about things that had happened and about to happen..this is one of my lousiest posts written on a wasted day..

Monday, December 26, 2005


there goes another is over..the celebration at church was great with the complete decoration of christmas tree, snowflakes, year's approaching and no plans just yet..maybe i'll go to sarah's party..

the other day i went to watch king kong with joanna and kimberly..the movie was not it was a 3-hour show, i can't really remember the details of the story well now..anyway, there was this kid who kept on kicking my seat..another moment, she put her head i between jo's seat and mine, making a gurgling was a bit distracting though but i could understand that maybe she became restless after such a long time staying put without being able to move around..the best scene of the show? well, i like it when king kong ran on the street with all the toy cars moving about..the graphic's real the way, narnia's still good..can't wait for the next episode to be out..prince caspian..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

dull day..

woke up at 10 something this morning and yet i am still feeling know the thrill i thought i would have after spm is not here just yet..maybe it's too soon for it to's on its way..well as a matter of fact, i used to think that the holidays after the exam will be fabulous..but it's not what i had least i'll be trying out a new recipe from books will be fun i guess..

Sunday, December 04, 2005

a sigh of relief..

a dog came into my house today..a stray dog..i was shocked when he went near my puppy which was in the cage was really lucky i managed to shoo him away..and now, i am worried whether he will come back again..the funny thing was, saffy only started barking when i started shouting at the dog to get him out of the

spm will officially say farewell to me tomorrow..or rather i am the one saying goodbye to glad that it's FINALLY over..change of plans..not going to work during the holidays..maybe watch movies and laze around at home..or spend more time catching lice from saffy..lolz..

will be going to malacca on the 8th so this will be my very first trip after spm without having the guilt of not studying anymore..i can enjoy myself to the fullest for once..