Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Once again, tears fall...

Whenever I look at your pictures, I turn into an emotional wreck. I can never forget the way you looked at me, the way you lie down comfortably against my chest, sleeping soundly till I moved. And I can never forget the day, when all of these happiness which I thought would last ended. Forever.

The first few nights after you left, I had dreams about you. Dreams that seemed so real and it felt like the incident had never happened. I did not want to wake up from those dreams and back to facing the reality that you are long gone. It's only in those precious nights that I felt that we were together again. You and I. Alive. Have you been missing me as much as I have been missing you?

I can't stop these tears from streaming down. For the things that I have done that have made you feel sad, I apologised. It's almost two years since you have been gone. Do you still remember me? Do you still remember the times we had together? Those memories were more precious than gems. Though no longer seen or heard, they will forever be cherished and kept in my heart.

You are irreplaceable.

Someday, we will meet in paradise. It would be the time when I would see you free from pain and sorrow. I could envision you being vibrant and joyful, having the best time of your life.

If only time can be turned back to the moment my heart was still unbroken.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Melanie,

Today marks your 22nd year of being God's beautiful creation. This past year, you have been a friend and a sister to me. Although you can be crazy at times, you are really one funny girl with a high frequency of voice that will definitely keep silence miles away.

Here's just a simple wish on your special day. Another year further away from the moment you first greeted the world with cries.

How's your feeling adding another year to your age? =)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodbye, Ritz!

My second day doing a short practical at Ritz Garden is over. The rooms I helped with today were smaller compared to yesterday. I figured out that as the floor gets higher, the rooms get bigger. Being on duty on the 6th and 7th floor yesterday, it's quite hard to get used to making the beds in smaller rooms (there is so little space to move about!) today on the 2nd and 3rd floor. However, I soon got used to it. So I guess practice does make perfection. =)

So, five of us (Patricia, Ju Dee, Christina, Miki and I) started our routine today just like yesterday and the only differences were the floors and housemaids we were put under the care of. Otherwise, things were pretty much the same.

Here are some pictures snapped during working hours. More will be added here soon!

Milan shampooing the carpet on the second floor

Ju Dee was curious and wanted the feel of being a shampoo girl

The king bed in family deluxe room

Shower area

The sink and must-have mirror

Twin beddings in one of the rooms

The trolley

Laundry trolley

Miki, the runner of the day

The following few pictures are about us in action.

Bed making:

Water closet washing:

Taking a break for a while while Kak Zahila is working hard outside =):

Pillow fights, anyone?

Comforter spreading:

Hanging hand towels:

And last but not least, our group picture! Ju Dee was the photographer.

From left: Me, Patricia, Zahila, Miki, Christina, Wani, Milan, Lin, The Housekeeper (sorry, don't know her name :P)

There was another picture without the Housekeeper in it. My mistake. I rectified the mistake and present you this:

I did this purely with Photoscape, okay? Not Photoshop so don't criticize it. Hehe...


Check this video out. Elmer is trying to popularise his videos so I am doing a good deed in promoting it not to the world, but to my friends at least.

For more of his videos, please visit his profile. I recommend the Canon Rock.

Post-Day 1 and Pre-Day 2

Albeit the sore fingers I had resulted from the amount of finger work I did today, hence causing me to type each letter hardly with ease, I still need to type out a few words to say that I learnt a lot from all that I did today.

I should be in bed by now or else risking getting up late for work tomorrow. More to tell about these two days in the following post, I hope. No promises about photos. It might be another dull entry without pictures.

(Yes, Irene. I know what you are thinking.)

Pictures do not necessarily judge the interest value of a blog. It's the content that matters. By the way, I love your blog. Keep on writing even when you think about crappy stuffs because a lame person like me loves reading crappy stories. Maybe they are not craps after all. What you think is crap might be something useful/interesting/hilarious/addictive to others.

I had a slight progress in my assignment. I had finally reached the second paragraph of question 2 of Housekeeping! Well, it's no big deal but I went through a series of battles with Procrastination to reach that level. Ain't it a great achievement?

My mind is going wacko and all I can think of now is to lay my head on the ever soft pillow which most probably will be putting me to sleep instantly tonight. Black rings are encircling my eyes. I am preparing for another battle (maybe in my Neverland) to make them vanish by tomorrow morning so that I don't scare the people at Ritz Garden the moment I call in for work.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The day I spent the least hours at home

Another busy Thursday is almost over. The hectic life I am leading every single Thursday makes me tired yet not sleepy. I think this is going to ruin my sleeping cycle. When I am too tired and can't sleep, I usually tend to be insomniac. Funny, I know, but it's unfortunately the theory I reasonly figured out.

Classes were interesting as usual with the quirky bunch of us making the lecturers go crazy. Okay, I overstated that a little. But we really had a great time learning what we learnt.

Oh, did I tell you that I (with my coursemates too) appeared in the newspaper yesterday? It's an article about the Damai Laut trip I went last Novemnber and the group picture we snapped in front of the Samsara Spa got published (SS22, Star Paper, 18 February 2009). I am going to leaf through yesterday's paper for that half-a-page article.

For the time being, I have put my assignments on hold because my procrastination has strike once again. It's Week Six now. There's approximately 4 more weeks to the due date. It's not that I deliberately delayed it. I need some pressure to boost up. I work better under stress. So I guess stress is useful at such crucial time like this. You can say that I have this love-hate relationship with stress.

Sometimes I feel that I write blandly and seriously feel that my posts can put people to sleep till they meet Alice in Wonderland. I am so uninspired. For you who are reading, I am glad that I still sound a little interesting to you.

P/S: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a great movie. I love the way the diary is put into writing. I don't want to have a reverse life cycle like him. It's so sad to be born as a baby and dying the very same way. Especially when the dying baby was so much more adorable. Somehow, the show reminds me a little of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Loved that movie to bits too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday is over!

Had an insomniac night thinking about how it would end up and finally it ended well.

I couldn't sleep the whole night because of an unknown reason, partly due to the presentation too, I think. I never liked speaking in front of the class. My history with MUET is buried long ago and I should have realized it sooner that it's time for me to dig my courageous side out once again to speak. At least there's something I should be thankful for. I don't have to scribble a two-minute notes right after I received the question and start talking in front of the examiners for another few minutes. I had the whole night to prepare.

Watched SAW 3 and 4 (the best parts of the series) till I felt sleepy. I think I slept at 3. Even had dreams about it but I wasn't the test subject. Just a spectator looking through the glass like Jigsaw did.

Off to Convent later for a CF gathering and I have no idea what I am supposed to do there. (Update: It was a terrific meeting. I enjoyed it.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Seremban and Kellie's Castle

This post is another post to have a detour from assignments.

9 February 2009

Went back to Seremban to visit my paternal grandma (actually the main intention is to collect angpau from her... wakakaka... just kidding =D) and my aunt and uncle and my only two first cousins.

Grandma's house still looks the same as it had been 10 years or more ago. The only difference is that her hair had turned white. We were so fascinated with all the antiques there that my sis took pictures of every part of the house (not the bathroom though).

A family portrait taken when I was 4 or 5 (between 1992-1993). Can't remember the exact year though.

This picture was hung on the wall and my dad took it out for my sis to digitalize it.

A few years later with my two cousins joining in the big picture.

This is how everyone looks like now (2009)

A cupboard full of antiques. Grandma said we can take whatever we want from this cupboard except the telephone because someone has booked it.

The largest kitchen ever

I was sitting there busy munching on some prawn crackers and gummy sweets while the rest are just wandering around the living room.

Then we had lunch at a hawker centre and we ordered Bak Kut Teh which tasted a little bland but still okay with the soya sauce added. I still prefer Ipoh food being a full-fledged Ipoh girl I am. =)

The next day was even more interesting.

It was my first time ever to Kellie' Castle. Made some wrong turnings here and there but we made it to the castle eventually.

Everyone was blinded by the white light so this turned out to be a surprised picture.

On top of the castle (was supposed to be a party area if this castle is completed)

Towards the entrance to the dining hall and pantry

Group picture

We were told by the ticketing guy that Tuesday is the day which most paranormal occurences will take place so he told us to be extra careful. I was so excited when I heard this but in the end, I did not get to experience any of it. We got the RIGHT day, but just not the RIGHT time. It's okay though. When I have a chance to visit on another Tuesday, I hope I will not be disappointed.

Friday, February 06, 2009

A detour from assignments

Loved the weather terribly a lot today because it rained. Sis told me a myth (invented by her lecturer) of why the rain came yesterday and today but I shall not disclose it since it's so sarcastically funny that many will not be able to take it. I am being considerate here. =)

I have got assignments to do but I cannot bring myself off Pet Society. I wonder why I got addicted to it. Peer pressure? Maybe. Been blog-hopping a lot too and got my eyes tired reading about the lives of others. My friends are interesting people. Love their blogs so much.

This semester is supposed to be a good one but people are kissing goodbyes for some reasons so it turned out to be not so good after all. No matter what, I will try my best to make it interesting.

On a happier note, I will be going to Kellie's Castle on Tuesday! Will be getting some fabulous shots to be put here. Bih Tong, Nick and Dixon can drool over them.

I better start working on the second question of Front Office before procrastination gets the better of me. I will fight you till Week 10 ends.

P/S: I might not be having my three-month break after all.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Compilation of photos from 27 January-yesterday

Here are some of the pictures taken during the CNY break.

Second day of CNY:

My grand aunt and I

With the addition of my siblings and my grandma

One happy family with my grand uncle in the picture

My maternal third grand uncle a.k.a. grandpa's younger bro

Fourth day of CNY:

This was the day I went to KL and had fun strolling at KLCC and Petaling Street. However, no pictures were snapped at Petaling Street as it was raining. Got a new skirt and top there. Mom's choice, grandma's money. =) =)

Some pictures of the apartment we stayed for the night.

My sis and I shared this room.

Whenever I look at this picture, I was reminded about how disgusting the bathroom in Langkawi was.

Entrance to the kitchen

The kitchen

Bigfoot has set foot here before!

Fast forward to the pictures taken yesterday. It was my 21st birthday! Many thanks to my dear friends who wished me via sms/facebook wall/friendster testimonial/chatbox. It feels good to have good friends all around. =D

Had a small celebration at Excelsior with my bunch of wacky friends.

The cake

Duyun darling and I

Snapping me snapping you

From Ju Dee's view

Group picture!

Why was Ju Dee trying to hide behind me?

Everyone's looking fabulous!

(I don't know why but I love using the word 'fabulous' these days whenever I am feeling fabulous. Oops, I did it again!)

Four faces

Another shot of four faces


Love the lighting in this picture

I got kissed too!!

It was partly a farewell party for Bih Tong who is going to study at Keris so it's a birthday cum farewell party. A big thanks to those who came and made my day. Love you all, muaxie muax!!

P/S: I am missing you already in class!!!

P/P/S: Thanks for making my day, duyun. I'll see you again the next time you come back. =)