Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Seremban and Kellie's Castle

This post is another post to have a detour from assignments.

9 February 2009

Went back to Seremban to visit my paternal grandma (actually the main intention is to collect angpau from her... wakakaka... just kidding =D) and my aunt and uncle and my only two first cousins.

Grandma's house still looks the same as it had been 10 years or more ago. The only difference is that her hair had turned white. We were so fascinated with all the antiques there that my sis took pictures of every part of the house (not the bathroom though).

A family portrait taken when I was 4 or 5 (between 1992-1993). Can't remember the exact year though.

This picture was hung on the wall and my dad took it out for my sis to digitalize it.

A few years later with my two cousins joining in the big picture.

This is how everyone looks like now (2009)

A cupboard full of antiques. Grandma said we can take whatever we want from this cupboard except the telephone because someone has booked it.

The largest kitchen ever

I was sitting there busy munching on some prawn crackers and gummy sweets while the rest are just wandering around the living room.

Then we had lunch at a hawker centre and we ordered Bak Kut Teh which tasted a little bland but still okay with the soya sauce added. I still prefer Ipoh food being a full-fledged Ipoh girl I am. =)

The next day was even more interesting.

It was my first time ever to Kellie' Castle. Made some wrong turnings here and there but we made it to the castle eventually.

Everyone was blinded by the white light so this turned out to be a surprised picture.

On top of the castle (was supposed to be a party area if this castle is completed)

Towards the entrance to the dining hall and pantry

Group picture

We were told by the ticketing guy that Tuesday is the day which most paranormal occurences will take place so he told us to be extra careful. I was so excited when I heard this but in the end, I did not get to experience any of it. We got the RIGHT day, but just not the RIGHT time. It's okay though. When I have a chance to visit on another Tuesday, I hope I will not be disappointed.

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jackychan said...

how much angpow money you have!??
many arr!??
hehe XD i only have Rm170++...
sweet family you have there XD
happy always XD