Sunday, February 22, 2009

Post-Day 1 and Pre-Day 2

Albeit the sore fingers I had resulted from the amount of finger work I did today, hence causing me to type each letter hardly with ease, I still need to type out a few words to say that I learnt a lot from all that I did today.

I should be in bed by now or else risking getting up late for work tomorrow. More to tell about these two days in the following post, I hope. No promises about photos. It might be another dull entry without pictures.

(Yes, Irene. I know what you are thinking.)

Pictures do not necessarily judge the interest value of a blog. It's the content that matters. By the way, I love your blog. Keep on writing even when you think about crappy stuffs because a lame person like me loves reading crappy stories. Maybe they are not craps after all. What you think is crap might be something useful/interesting/hilarious/addictive to others.

I had a slight progress in my assignment. I had finally reached the second paragraph of question 2 of Housekeeping! Well, it's no big deal but I went through a series of battles with Procrastination to reach that level. Ain't it a great achievement?

My mind is going wacko and all I can think of now is to lay my head on the ever soft pillow which most probably will be putting me to sleep instantly tonight. Black rings are encircling my eyes. I am preparing for another battle (maybe in my Neverland) to make them vanish by tomorrow morning so that I don't scare the people at Ritz Garden the moment I call in for work.

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