Friday, February 06, 2009

A detour from assignments

Loved the weather terribly a lot today because it rained. Sis told me a myth (invented by her lecturer) of why the rain came yesterday and today but I shall not disclose it since it's so sarcastically funny that many will not be able to take it. I am being considerate here. =)

I have got assignments to do but I cannot bring myself off Pet Society. I wonder why I got addicted to it. Peer pressure? Maybe. Been blog-hopping a lot too and got my eyes tired reading about the lives of others. My friends are interesting people. Love their blogs so much.

This semester is supposed to be a good one but people are kissing goodbyes for some reasons so it turned out to be not so good after all. No matter what, I will try my best to make it interesting.

On a happier note, I will be going to Kellie's Castle on Tuesday! Will be getting some fabulous shots to be put here. Bih Tong, Nick and Dixon can drool over them.

I better start working on the second question of Front Office before procrastination gets the better of me. I will fight you till Week 10 ends.

P/S: I might not be having my three-month break after all.

2 wrote a note:

Nic said...

fiona jiejie
u wanna join HND so fast ar??

小月 said...

Haiz...i'm still thinking of it, cuz i afraid there is time crush on June, and my fren hasn't inform me the actual date.