Monday, January 09, 2017

110 Shades of Blue

It was an amazing reunion with high school darlings during the 110th anniversary dinner of Main Convent Ipoh on 7 January at WEIL Hotel. Still the wackiest bunch. Keep this up, and we will never age a day in years to come. 

Note of caution:
You will see lots of blue ahead so if you don't like the colour, please skip this post entirely. :P

Most of us who had been waiting for this moment to get together since end of August last year. We made it! 

It was regretful that some of us could not join us that evening. We should really plan another one exclusively for '05 batch soon. 

The peaceful ballroom before the crazy girls murdered the silence with our laughter and non-stop chatters.

Girls in blue with the blue backdrop

Blue cocktail table

Blue refreshment. Not my fondest kind of taste. 

Donned in ao dai for the grand old lady's 110th birthday. 

After this event, I will lock it up for an indefinite number of years before I have the chance to wear it again. Or I might put on so much weight that I could only look at it forlornly regretting what my gluttony had cost me. 

Food is not the focus in this event. It's the people. 

From left: Shu Xuan, Jia Min, Li Shen, Chin Hwa, Petrina, Yi Kuan, Shatirah

Congratulations once again to Shatirah on her wedding recently!

The Lee sisters in almost the same shade of blue.  

From left: Amy, Yi Kuan, Pui Yee and Faridza

From left: Shatirah, Yi Kuan, Chee Ching, Shu Xuan

From left: Purushothini, Yi Kuan, Maple, Mabel

Mei Yann and me

Wei Li, the brainy and class rep. Also my add math tutor during one of the school holidays once. So, so glad to meet you again!

On the yellow carpet with Shatirah before the arrival of the Sultanah 

We are just so in love with the yellow carpet. 

With the iconic backdrop for the evening

A photo with Mr. Phuah, my Physics teacher way back in Form 4 and 5. I was always bugging him those two years because of the challenge I had with this subject. Hahaha...

Another shot with the girls. 

I met a twin from Vietnam! Thanks to Amy for the lovely shot. 

Happy birthday once again! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy new year, everyone! 2016 has passed by as swiftly as it came. I just want to wish everyone a blessed 365 days. Correction: Technically, remaining 363 days as this post came late.

As usual, new year resolutions are not my forte and I shall just live my life in the moment till 2018 comes along. 

Here are some stroopwafels to whet your appetite on the third day of twenty seventeen. 

My breakfast on this spectacular morning

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stolen Moment - A crime I can't resist

Being at work caused my neglecting of this poor blog. That's why I am here now, stealing another secret moment away from the other commitments I am supposed to be attending to. Caressing this blank template with the gentle tap of each carefully thought of alphabets which mean something when harmoniously strung together with spaces in between. Does it even make sense? Sometimes, my mind wanders to Nothingness, a place where absolutely nothing exists, somewhere even words fail to reach so I just come up with the first sentence that comes to my fingers - maybe it comes from my brain after all. How else would my fingers know which alphabet to type first?

So what do I want to say? There is no particular topic to write about, unless you would like to know my daily routine from Monday to Friday, which is a copy of one another, week after week. Weekends are more interesting, sometimes, if I decide to stay away from hibernation. With music plugged in my ears, I am inspired to write a short story. Something dark, something funny with a hint of mystery perhaps? Let me mull over it for a period of time before I share it here. If it really happens, I might consider to do more stories.

The urgency of reality has awoken me. Here is when I have to say goodbye for now.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Hakka dish

Had fun learning this Hakka dish called 'Shun Pun Ji' in Cantonese which means Abacus Seed in English. 

I should know its Hakka name too since it's a Hakka dish. 

First of all, the ingredients. 

Clockwise from left: Chopped dried shrimps, minced pork marinated with oyster and fish sauce, dried squid strips and sliced mushrooms

Black fungus

Fry the onions and shallots till golden brown. 

Then, put them aside and stir fry he dried shrimps and mushrooms. 

Put them aside, stir fry the meat next with  the oil previously used for the onions and shallots. 

Add the other stir-fried ingredients into the pan and mix them for several minutes. 

It's done. Time to make the main character of the dish, the abacus seeds. 

Made from yam paste and flour, kneaded and shaped into abacus seeds. 

They are now ready to be boiled in a pot of water. Transfer them onto the pan to mix with the rest of the ingredients. 

And there you have it, the dish is ready to be served. 

You can feed a table of five at least with this amount. The yam and flour are very filling. 

Monday, December 05, 2016

A birthday celebration

It's our GM's birthday today so we decided to celebrate by having lunch at Alaf Sejahtera, Teluk Bahang. I was pretty excited as it was my first time having lunch here. 

My flooded rice of happiness!

I don't mind putting on weight for this. But then again, I might regret saying this if it really comes true. 

The lunch was a quiet but swift one. We arrived shortly before 12:30pm and we left the place at 12:50pm. What a productive lunch! Guess everyone was too hungry to chat whilst eating. 

The bill came to a very reasonable amount and we left really happy. So happy that we went for second round at Starbucks. 

Another first time. 

The only Starbucks in Penang with a direct seaview. 

A wonderful treat from the birthday girl herself. Thank you so much! 

Guess which drink is mine.  

We just couldn't leave without a group photo. 

Everyone was here except Aisha, the photographer. 

Half of us being vain whilst the other half busy chatting in the midst of loading caffeine into their system. :P

Many hours later...

Back home enjoying a 'pill' of green tea to detoxify the goodness ingested today. 

Lovely shade of green, don't you think?

Once again, Happy Birthday, Ms. Yue!