Friday, June 27, 2008

Lasagna Day

Last week, we roasted one whole chicken and fried chicken Maryland. No pictures were taken as we finished the chicken up to its bones far too quickly. Let's just forget the past and move forward to what we did today.


Lasagna sheets after they are boiled.

Oops, they evolved into something like this.

Want to see the transformation? Just be patient. It's coming up somewhere in this post.

Baked to perfection

Everyone in Group B is anxious and could not wait to eat. Even Kailash is haunting this place for more lasagna.

Rooney having his first taste of his first lasagna in college.

Lasagna model. Say cheese!

This mutton bolognese sauce is done by Group C. No doubt Miss Nurainie helped us with the stirring. Hehe..

The first layer of lasagna

Moving on to the next layer.

This time, add the bechemel sauce on top of the bolognese sauce.

And top it with grated cheese.

Cover it with another sheet of lasagna.

Final layer: First up, the bolognese sauce once again.

Then, the bechemel sauce

What else?

Of course some mozzarella cheeze!

They are expired but still edible. =P

Turning golden

To all the cheese freaks, you will definitely love it.

The interior

So everyone ate and become so bloated that they could not possibly move an inch. Okay, I lied. We had more than enough to eat but not to the point that everyone got bloated stomachs.

Just for giggles, I present you Simpson with his bloated cheeks.

Really, a picture worth a thousand words.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cocktail presentation pictures. Captionless.

Here are the pictures of cocktail presentation on Tuesday (24 June 2008).

Just the pictures. No captions. Enjoy them anyway. =P

That's the end of our presentation. I was supposed to be a tree so that explained my outfit. =)