Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ice-breaking Party

Ice-breaking party was held at Heritage Hotel last Saturday.

Too lazy to elaborate about that night, so I am putting only pictures and some captions.

Me, Joyce, Joey

Wake up, Joey! Time to snap a beautiful picture!!

Okay, now she is WIDE AWAKE!!

Patricia and me

Patricia, me and Bih Tong.

Simpson, Patricia, me and Bih Tong

This one looks like a family picture. Haha!!!

The best-dressed contestants. I was rooting for Patricia to win but who says competition is fair? It's always unfair. =P

That's all I have. If you wish to see more photos, you will have to hunt for them in friendster profiles.

1 wrote a note:

puiyun said...

WHAT??? you guys have a party for ice breaking??? NOT FAIR. MY COLLEGE DIDN'T ORGANIZE NO ICE BREAKING. PARTY. hmmph. i don't like your college, fi.