Monday, June 09, 2008

The Land of Strawberries 2

Here are more pictures on the Cameron trip (stolen from Ju Dee's blog and also from Miss Nurainie). Hehehe...

This coffee cannot be bought downhill. Can only be bought here. But I didn't buy because I don't fancy coffee that much. Just putting on a show, that's all.

Ju Dee! What happened to your left eye?

The tri0 in the hi-tech car. From left: Patricia, Me, Ju Dee

Okay, okay. Ju Dee wanted to act 'cool' in this picture so I just accompanied her.

Very candid

Oops, more strawberies!

On the way back to the apartment from Cactus Valley

Steamboat night!

This is before we tuck in.

We are a bunch of big eaters! Yummy tomyam soup!

I was lagging behind because of some strawberry jams. Can you spot me?

Getting ready for a photoshoot in front of the Great Cactus! So gold and mighty. LOL!

Everyone is so bloated by now.

All ready!

Group picture. From right: Kailash, Rooney, Nick, me, Kei (the Japanese guy), Bih Tong, Patricia, Christina and Ju Dee (behind Patricia and Bih Tong).

This is taken during lunch on the first day. I looked so bored waiting for food.

Ju Dee's trademark smile appears every time she sees a camera focusing on her.

Don't believe me? Here's another picture of her.

Oh my, miss' camera is infected with Ju Dee's pictures also!

9.5 people in the picture

10 full people!

The group photo we took as we went into the factory.

Inside the souvenir shop at the tea plantation

Next up: Ice-breaking Party pictures. Not many, but there are some pictures which I would like to share.

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thepinkbanana said...

Looks so fun! It's been ages since I've been to Camerons alreadyyy.