Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Land of Strawberries

June 3, 2008

The most anticipated trip to Cameron was finally here. First time travelling with friends so I am pretty excited.

We went there by car (bus rates are just too high and we could not afford). At least we don't have to hike up there. =D

On the way to our first destination, Boh Tea Plantation, Ju Dee had already started snapping pictures of herself. She just could not help it. Haha!

Say 'Jupeter'!!

The breath-taking scenery from the top of the hill. Looks a little bit like Sunway Lagoon, right?

Old rolling table for tea manufacture

Some steel door which I don't recall the purpose of it

Gunny-sack to collect tea leaves in the olden days

I wonder what is Christina looking at? Some gorgeous guys?

As we enter the factory, we were welcomed by the stench of tea leaves/fertilizers (I know not which). Below are some machineries I have not seen before.

Ju Dee and Bih Tong had suddenly become the mannequin for the signboard. Freeze!

Welcome to Boh Tea Plantation!

Then we went into a shop which sells lots and lots of tea.

Kevin and Nick acting as promoters for teas.

Then they turned into mannequins too! First up is Kevin, seen sipping from an empty teacup.

Then, Nick followed suit.

The tea is super delicious! Thumbs up!

Before we left, Ju Dee wanted more shots of herself with Bih Tong

This scenery reminds me of Teletubbies!

Bih Tong has a peace-antenna! The fifth Teletubby?

We have GPS system in the car. So cool, right?

Finally we reached our apartment in Brinchang. Don't ask me the name of the apartment. I never bother to even look. Haha...

The balcony. Not a very pretty sight I should say.

Ju Dee and Patricia lounging in the living room

Our room. Can you see anything under the bed? I hope not.

After taking some rest and some games of cards and Unos, we headed to the Cactus Valley. The admission fee is RM4. That's why I took lots of pictures.

Mini grapes that are not grapes at all

What a paradise! Don't fall on the cacti or you will have thorns sticking out of your bodies! Bih Tong will become Bih Thorn and Ju Dee will turn into Ju Dorn. LOL..!

I've never seen so many

I have nothing to say.

Face-sized hibiscus

A different colour

Miss Nurainie slid this hibiscus onto my hair. Pretty or not?

I want my miniature hibiscus to reach this size!

Roses of many colours.

This rose looks like a star.

Miss' daughter, Karina/Carina. Not sure of the spelling though. :P

Especially dedicated to Duyun. You can be jealous of me now.

Tea time! Strawbery with yoghurt + honey. Simply delicious.

Patricia's strawberry sundae

Ju Dee's strawberry waffles with ice-cream

Miss having the time of her life

Some wicked strawberry fairy had turned me into a strawberry. And I am loving it!

On the way back to the apartment.

Crazy people. Wakakaka!!

After bath (can't wait for the steamboat dinner!)

There are no steamboat pictures here. Will be hunting for them and to be uploaded in the next post. =)

Let's fast forward to the event after dinner, all right?

We had some story-telling time and it was fun listening to bizarre occurences and mysteries.

Rooney paying close attention

Nick was sharing some supernatural stories. My hair looked like the ones you see female ghosts have in movies. And I thought Karina was playing games with my phone. She was busy snapping pictures.

Ju Dee got frightened by the stories so she took some more pictures of herself to get rid of her fear.

One is not enough. Another one.

Kailash a.k.a. kailan is drunk

This is the result of two sips of beer. LOL!

Looks sober but he was really drunk.

June 4, 2008

Checked out and headed to the Strawberry Farm where some of them went to pluck some strawberries to be taken home.

Sayonara, Cameron!

My phone has been infected by Ju Dee. So many of her pictures in this entry. =D

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