Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IBIG Band was in town!

Class ended early today. Since I want to make the RM2 that I paid for the parking worth the amount of time I spend in college, I have decided to stay here longer. New lecturers will be teaching us and I hope they will be better than the previous one. Please don't leave us halfway through the semester again!

Oh yeah, I was supposed to blog about he Korean Praise concert at Wesley Methodist Church which was held on Sunday night last night but I forgot. Too tired, I guess.

The IBIG Band

They all are very talented! They performed really well that night. How often do you get to watch free and great concerts? This was one of the rare opportunities that you can get.

The following videos were taken after the concert. Too bad you can't see the singers face from the videos as I was sitting quite far from the stage but his voice is capable of melting your heart. Such soothing voice he has.

Winter Sonata

Stairway To Heaven

Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Silent Night

Monday, June 28, 2010

Awesome weekend

The past weekend had been interesting and filled with fun and memorable events. Therefore, this post will consist of mostly pictures with or without captions.

Thursday Night

We had a visitor from KL and for the next three nights starting from the 24th, we got to eat good food. As it was sis' birthday, we went to Kahve for the celebration.

The Grilled Chicken with Rosemary that I have been dying to try! It's delicious.

It was already quite late when we were about to leave the complex and I caught sight of something interesting.

McD workers pushing the rubbish bins out along the shops. DBI at work in Jusco!

Friday Afternoon

The initial plan was to have lunch at the famous beansprout chicken at Lou Wong but the rain was pouring so heavily that we decided to change plan. We chose Sun Yeong Wai at Ipoh Jaya instead.

The dishes that we ordered:

Chicken. I love this the least.

My must-have roasted duck!


Friday Night

Lee Teochew is a restaurant which we have patronised for many years now. They serve excellent dishes (at least dishes that my taste buds approve of).

Bro's choice. Black pepper chicken

Sweet and Sour Fillet

Pork with some mushrooms and vege. Delicious!

After taken a short trip to the night market after dinner, we took the visitor a.k.a. Uncle Ho to the optometrist to get him a pair of new specs. I on the other hand, tried on some shades to kill time.




Saturday Morning

We had dim sum for breakfast. Headed to Bercham and there's this shop which name I have forgotten that sells quite good dim sums.

We had more than the frame could capture! Indulgence, sweet indulgence. =D

Saturday Night - Parents' Day at church!

The night was fabulous! Enjoy the ambience that had been immortalised in picture forms.

The beautiful backdrop done by Andrew.

The deco idea came from Melanie. She's the mastermind of the interior deco of the venue.

The rose, candle and petals added the romantic feel to the setting.

Lantern-papered tubes!

Prizes for the Blessed Draws

Corsages for the ladies a.k.a. mommies!

For the gentlemen a.k.a. daddies!

Leng Lui Aunty Jenny and her best friend, Aunty Irene.

More pictures courtesy of Uncle Foo using his DSLR!!

Tomorrow will be like a brand new semester with a new timetable. The lecturer left AGAIN. Gotta get use to new lecturers AGAIN.

P.S. Three guppies died after helloskyblu.blogspot.com left. There are 11 left in the tank. Who will survive till the end?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eunice!

I haven't been updating. Lack of inspiration so felt lazy to write some dry posts. Today is a very special day for a being who has been in my life for two decades.

Happy Birthday, Eunice! You are no longer a teenager now so you have to act more like a lady. No more 'hanky-panky' (quoted from Chee Foo) from now on.

Two days ago, we celebrated her birthday at Pastor Jenny's home. Look at the wonderful food she prepared for us. Thank you, Pastor!

Good lighting for pictures! Spaghetti, mashed potatoes and chicken wings!

Will be going to Kahve again tonight! Yum yum!! ♥

Till the next time. Gotta start doing group assignment already. Since I am doing the conclusion, I still have some time to stall. Comrades, do slowly so that I can rest longer. Waahahahaha!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of Johnny's and Michelangelo's

Have you had food from three different cultures in the same day? I had mamak food for breakfast, Thai for lunch and Italian for dinner.

I love my life today. I mean I love it every day but just a little bit more today.


I was at Johnny's!

I ordered pineapple fried rice which came in a set with tomyam soup and Thai tea. I love the texture of the rice.

Dessert. Ice-cream, something that had not eaten in a long time.

We had a Father's Day celebration in advance and the venue we have selected is Michelangelo! They serve the best pizzas in Ipoh.


The Hog mix Margarita. Bacons, bacons, bacons!! Super yummy!

Hawaiian pizza

Everyone should go to Michelangelo's for good pizzas. I will definitely go there for another meal in future.

P.S. It's Thursday already! How time flies. Will be resuming class on Monday and it's also the commencement of group assignment. Feels weird to touch assignments again after passing up the individual ones.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marvelous lunch and new guppies!

There's this place at Jusco that has been opened for quite some time called Kahve. The food there is not bad and the pricing is not too expensive too. Mom and I went there for lunch and we ordered a set meal each consists of a pure honey lemon drink, soup and chicken with BBQ sauce (RM11.30++).

Feel like drinking it again after looking at this picture.


The platter

A few days ago, another fish died (as I have mentioned earlier) and this was how the dead body looked like. Please be prepared to not feel grossed out.

The pirate fish

Today mom bought more guppies to join the other six. There are 15 of them now in the tank.

See how happy they all are swimming and swimming all day long.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lunch at Sushi King

I have never really had a proper lunch at Sushi King and today was the first time I did. Met up with Wai Leng, Yim Leng and Su Ping for lunch after class and we had a great afternoon chatting and even made jokes about one man that we saw across the restaurant who kept scratching his face and hair. It was so disgusting.

Let's now take a look at the food that I ordered.

Black Pepper Dory Fish with Vege + Miso Soup + Steamed egg + Rice + Yakult (RM14.90)

A closer look

RM14.90 is a little expensive for a regular lunch but oh well, it's once in a while. I don't usually indulge so much for my meals. I think the set is worth it because it's tasty.

Two of my fishes died and now I only have the guppies left. I guess the small container is cursed. Whatever I rear in that container will surely die. I don't know why.

Next week is my mid-semester break! If only I have any plans to go anywhere. I guess I shall just stay home and continue my cross-stitching.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Post Starwalk

While still in recuperation from the cramps that I got from Starwalk, I shall update about the 10km-walk. I feel a sense of accomplishment after the walk. All glory to the Lord for the strength and perseverance to finish it.

This was taken at 6.39 am. Look at the number of people in the stadium! This is only a small percentage of all the participants.

Was bored waiting so snapped the morning sky. It's pretty purple!

Walking towards the Starting Point. So excited.

As I was walking on the road with others, I looked at the road and noticed there were droplets of water everywhere. Not rain. It's sweat. Everyone was really working hard to get a cert.

The best thing after reaching the finishing line was to queue up for refreshing drinks! How often do you get free 100+? No, you only get them for free during Starwalk. I joined Starwalk for the shirt, goodies and free drinks. Just kidding. The walk is part of what I wanted to do too.

Everyone in Ipoh should join Starwalk every year!! Give your legs a chance to endure from the constant walking for 100 minutes! =)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Starwalk 2010

Went to collect Starwalk goodies yesterday and I didn't expect the mere few minutes gives me the chance to appear in one of the photos.

The article

The aunty next to me is very lucky too to be featured in the papers

This year we got stuffs such as Salonpas, some muscle gels, olive oil samples, lolipops, facial wash and the annual shirt.

Gonna find my Vitamin C now. I think I misplaced it.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bon voyage, my friend! ♥

God blesses me with sweets occasionally. Thank you, Lord for the tasty cupcakes! And also thank you to the inventor of the lovely marshmallow cupcakes, Miss Nurainie.

Formally known as:
Chocolate cake with Marshmallow Bits topped with Cream Cheese and Grated Parmesan

It's Parmesan! No wonder they taste so good. Good cheese. Hehe...

It's the ninth day and my fishes are still alive. Alfread, your curses are not going to work. He said they will only be alive for nine and a half days after I wrote that I hope they will live for at least ten days.

Mom has got herself some new Cichlids and I hope they treat one another well. No more fightings or chasing around that will kill anyone of themselves. Then mom will not have to buy more. Help her save money, you Cichlids! Being yellow doesn't mean you can bully one another. You are all the same colour.

Okay, I am crazy to talk to the fish located so many miles from here. Heh! Assignment due is next week and the printing has to start one of these days. Probably tomorrow. I don't want to be a procrastinator anymore. I WILL print them out tomorrow.

Jo's off to UK on Friday (it's tomorrow!) and oh, how I will miss her. You see, although I don't see her around much when she is in Malaysia, the fact that I know she is somewhere in this country makes me don't miss her as much. And I get to talk to her rather easily via sms and on MSN. Living in the same time zone is so safe. It's never too late or too early to wish her good night or good morning.

So right now, (hope you are still reading, Jo) I want to wish you journey mercy to the foreign but good land and remember to take good care of yourself. Keep yourself warm (when the weather is cool) and cool (when the weather is warm). May the good Lord bless you abundantly with good health and keep you safe from drunkards (I heard from Ei Leen they have a lot of drunk people on the streets at night) and also guide you in everything you do. Remember to keep His Word close to your heart. See you again when you return! Tata!

P.S. Angela's Ashes is a gem. Totally love the work of Frank McCourt.