Monday, February 22, 2010

Bitter sweet

Have once again gotten lazy to blog. The weather is so freaking warm. Okay, quite a good excuse. Blame the weather for making me feeling lazy. Haha!!

Currently back to assignment/facebook mode (yes, I do my assignment and play facebook simultaneously) and I will spend even less time here. I keep on pressing Ctrl+S after a few words that I typed now when I don't need to since they have the autosave function here. This is what assignments made you do. They have mysteriously caused my subconscious mind to press Ctrl+S after typing. You know, I have this phobia of losing assignments if I don't save them instantly. I hope this is not some psychology problem.

I am in the process to see my word count increase from a 3-digit figure to a 4-digit one. Yes, I am reaching that. 91 more words to reach 1k!! Great, after that I have to stress further about the remaining 3k. And I have another 4 more assignments to think of. Lord, I cast all my burdens unto You. It feels good to depend on Him when in doubt. There's no doubt about it.

Oh yeah, mom bought me some dark chocolates for my birthday. I don't mind calories from chocolates. Chocolate temptation is impossible to be ignored. ;-)

The packaging is so nice!

24 pieces for 24 days!

Oh, the foreign name makes it look even classier. Made in Belgium. Yumz!

Who wanna try? Oops, sorry. Not available for sampling. ;-P

Monday, February 15, 2010

First roar of the tiger

First day of the new year and I only managed to visit two houses. Angpau collection: Only managed to collect from relatives' place. (Grandma's not counted since she is staying here).

During this festive season, my stomach feels like it is bloated all the time. Too much gassy drinks and junks. It's been quite some time since I had cold drinks (been itching to drink since a long time ago but I resisted because trying to eat and drink healthy kononnya... hehehe) and today I had a bottle of Spritzer POP - Apple flavour, soya drink and two rounds of red wine (thank you, Chee Foo!!). Plain water and chinese tea have ceased to exist in my system. Cannot, I must repent. Maybe till Chap Goh Meh before I resume to my usual drinking habit.

I wonder where I would be visiting next.

Time to stall for now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have a Tigger Year!

It's CNY eve! I hereby wish everyone who are celebrating have a merry one with family and friends. For those who are struggling in this assignment period, let your hair down and take a break from stupid word counts. You have more time to stress about it later!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warm weather

Location: MO2, Olympia College.

It's break time and in the midst of starting a new assignment, I am enjoying myself watching Ju Dee watching Princess and the Frog while digging treasures, feeding fish and streaming videos.

Yesterday, I got a surprise from Mr. Obama Asia.

See the fat boy wishing all of you a happy chinese new year. Now the 4 cupcakes are on the dining table waiting to be chewed.

Thank you, Kailash!

The weather is warm today. Good thing there's water supply here unlike in the Land of Hornbills.

Monday, February 08, 2010

CNY card from okaasan!

The Friend Day on Saturday (6/2) was a success. Thanks to all my friends who made it happened!

Souvenirs from the event. Muax!!

Received my long-awaited card all the way from The Land of Hornbills today. It's the most beautiful card.

Mom said I love fishes and I have fishes in my blog so here are another two for my collection. :-D

See through it! Interesting piece of art. Thank you, my okaasan!!

Happy Tiger Year, everyone!! ROARRRR!!!!! (Do they roar? Hee hee!!)

Almost done with Marketing assignment. Hope I did correctly. Up next: Sales and Merchandizing! More headaches awaiting me. Sigh... I am going to take a break during CNY.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Terima kasih, thank you, 谢谢!!

My morning started off as usual until dismissal time. Loved the surprise though. Thanks to all my friends who were part of the birthday plan.

Patricia lied saying that another lecturer wanted to see us and I easily believed her. So I continued being ignorant and oblivious to what they were up to until they brought this into the classroom.


Mango cake. Absolutely delicious. They were considerate enough to light up only one candle when everyone knows I am turning TWENTY TWO. Haha!!

Not so blur anymore.

Cutting ceremony

Ju Dee's first failed photo. Try harder!

We took the cake to the hawker centre and finished the whole 1/2 kg cake there. Yum yum!

Let's fast forward to the dinner part. Mom asked me where I would like to go for celebration and I thought David's Diner would be good.

Table setting. Ever since I have taken up this course, I begin to gain interest in snapping pictures of cutlery.

The three blinding spots!

We were the only patrons

Grilled Chicken Q---cannot remember the name. I just remembered it's Q something something with sour cream and chili + Mac and cheese + Mexican rice

So what did I think of the food?

A thousand words described!

Came back from David's Diner and I fell for the same surprise TWICE today.

I was on the computer surfing for info when my sis asked me to go to the kitchen. I was thinking she saw lizard or something like that but this is what I saw.

Fruit Flan! My favourite! This year is truly a fruity birthday.

According to Eunice, the customized bracelet is just an appetizer. Meaning? More presents to come!

Beautiful, ain't it?

Heartfelt thanks to all who wished me using various medias and also to those who made it even more meaningful by celebrating with me. Hugs and kisses to y'all!! ♥♥♥