Monday, February 08, 2010

CNY card from okaasan!

The Friend Day on Saturday (6/2) was a success. Thanks to all my friends who made it happened!

Souvenirs from the event. Muax!!

Received my long-awaited card all the way from The Land of Hornbills today. It's the most beautiful card.

Mom said I love fishes and I have fishes in my blog so here are another two for my collection. :-D

See through it! Interesting piece of art. Thank you, my okaasan!!

Happy Tiger Year, everyone!! ROARRRR!!!!! (Do they roar? Hee hee!!)

Almost done with Marketing assignment. Hope I did correctly. Up next: Sales and Merchandizing! More headaches awaiting me. Sigh... I am going to take a break during CNY.

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Anonymous said...

how come the card is not as red yah!

new fan of anime