Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warm weather

Location: MO2, Olympia College.

It's break time and in the midst of starting a new assignment, I am enjoying myself watching Ju Dee watching Princess and the Frog while digging treasures, feeding fish and streaming videos.

Yesterday, I got a surprise from Mr. Obama Asia.

See the fat boy wishing all of you a happy chinese new year. Now the 4 cupcakes are on the dining table waiting to be chewed.

Thank you, Kailash!

The weather is warm today. Good thing there's water supply here unlike in the Land of Hornbills.

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Anonymous said...

water supply just came back a few minutes ago after having to face dry spell in the house from 9.30pm last night till a moment ago.. had a good shower and did all the laundry work.. will fry ladies fingers sambal belacan and another dish will be a simple one.. potatoes with sliced chicken meat..hope the water supply won't dissapear while I am cooking... take care and see you again when I see you.

from me to you.

Nurainie said...

So good of Kailash to give cupcakes to you! You only??

Fiona said...

yup. he gave me only. he said for my birthday and cny. so nice of him... i didn't know whether to cry or to laugh when i received it. hehe