Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marley & Me - A journey that takes you through laughter and tears

I have never held Kleenex in my hand while reading books but this one broke my record.

Marley & Me, a memoir of John Grogan and his wife, Jenny; whose lives changed drastically after taking home with them a four-legged friend, Marley - having the qualities of being the worst dog in the world yet at the same time, bringing the best out of the family with his perks and antics even till the time he had to bid the inevitable farewell to the ones dearest to him.

There's one phrase in the book which made me teared more:

...sometimes, a dog comes along that really touches your life, and you can never forget her.

How true it is. I've come to realized that it's hard to erase all the memories that humans share with their pets. It's impossible simply because humans have the tendency to hold onto them so tightly that they will never let go no matter how many years or centuries (if only we have such long life) come to pass. I am one of them. Holding onto the past while at the same time moving forward, still in the process of learning to cherish everything that I am blessed with to compensate for the loss I have experienced.

Dogs are not merely dogs when their lives intertwine with people. They become the puzzle that completes the lives of the people.

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成亿 said...

i had d book but it's not with me...havent even read it it dat touching?...haha...

not sure u rmb me or not oso...haha...

duyunZ said...

AHHHH! i just bought the dvd. omg omg omg! is it really that sad?