Thursday, March 05, 2009

Worst women drivers on the road

It's another tiring Thursday and I thought I would be able to start on the final question (apparently I can't) so I am again taking a break from assignments. There's just one question left anyway.

I recently came upon this video which I find really funny. Thank God I don't drive like them. =)

Interesting, ain't it? Those are the worst women drivers on the road with the poorest estimation when it comes to parking. I thought I was bad at parking, but not anymore! =)

(Sometimes I have problems with punctuations - comma and semicolon in particular. The sentences just do not flow. So forgive me if you have difficulty reading my entries with complete fluency. Comma and semi colon, I HATE YOU!!)

P/S: To all my friends who are sick, I wish you have a speedy recovery. I am about to have a headache now all because of the stupid weather.

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