Friday, March 20, 2009


I had never felt like this before. The pain grew more intense as the minutes ticked by after lunch and I thought that it was really strange to be suddenly feeling such a strain on the right side of my lower back which disabled me to bend or bow even at a slight degree. It was so sudden that I thought that I was going to be paralysed. I hate myself for being such a paranoid.

Maybe it would get better, I thought. I tried to be a little optimistic but as the day went by, it actually got worse. My back felt stiffer and my Patricia told me I walked like a pregnant lady. I had trouble going up and down the stairs (going up especially), each step took an enormous amount of energy. I had to clutch onto the railing all the time to shift some of my body weight off my right leg to it so that the task of ascending the stairs would be less daunting.

Today, I finally realized that standing or walking could be better than sitting down. Whenever I attempted to sit down, I had to do it in slow motion to reduce the pain while bending my back. When I have to get up, I had to use the table as a clutch to get myself up.

During night class, I tried not to get up too often since I did not want anyone else to notice the awkwardness on the way I brought myself off the chair.

It was after night class that I felt that I could not wait till morning to figure out what exactly was wrong with me. So, following my mom's advice, I went to see the doctor.

The verdict: It seemed that I have hurt a nerve somewhere and it's nothing serious. Thank God! I was scared to death. For five days, I have some pills that taste like bak kut teh to swallow and do some muscle-stretching cum breathing exercise to get well.

And now I am getting hungry but I shall wait till morning to get my stomach filled. I better take a rest earlier tonight.

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Joanna said...

Oh boy! Was freaked out reading your entry. Do take care and get well soon ya. In the meanwhile enjoy your courses of 'bak kut teh' :)