Monday, March 23, 2009

Off the leash

Today we actually decided to have our lesson out of the classroom. Our main purpose was to go and have a look at some showhouses to learn more about wall coverings and finishes used in the interior of houses. However, we only managed to see some white-painted walls and a stretch of wood panelling through the windows of one of them. I guess we just came at the wrong time. Everyone had gone out for lunch, I presumed.

Just now while I was taking Crystle out for her daily stroll to relieve herself, I saw a predator. It was her predator. He stood a few feet away from me, staring. Then he made a move. I stomped my foot but he did not budge. I took a step back slowly.
I crossed the street the moment I had the chance too. He was still staring, prompting to follow. I tugged at the leash and quickly ran as fast as I could when I reached the corner of another street - heading straight back home. In the process of running, Crystle's collar came off her but I was too afraid that the mad dog would be catching up to us in no time so I just called out to her to follow me. She obeyed and ran alongside me while I was holding the now extremely light leash with the collar trailing behind. Speed was not my aptitude so she reached the gate sooner than me.
Here were three pictures of her taken some time back. Sis inspired them.

Trying really hard to avoid the camera

Okay la... I shall smile for a second

When will it end???
I am almost fully recovered now. All glory to God! =)

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