Friday, March 13, 2009

The eve of Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th! My phone is turning 3 in one day! Oh, you are a toddler now, but you look old physically.

Doesn't that just reminds you of Benjamin Button?

Today, Miss Nurainie introduced us a new type of crossword puzzle during Hospitality English 2 class which did not give any hints about the words that are to be filled into the boxes. Instead, all 26 alphabets are represented by numbers and we got clues such as 'A is number 5' so all the 5s in the crossword puzzle is filled in with the letter A. Here is the tricky part. We are not given further letters until we give up and try hard solving the whole puzzle using the trial and error method with other letters and numbers. It's truly a pencil-friendly puzzle. We managed to complete the puzzle in an hour's time with 2 clues. Not a very flattering result but we only had two clues! So it's quite an achievement.

Had a gruelling 1.5 hours fighting in the warzone a.k.a. THE AUDITORIUM using the ever faithful black ballpoint pen and I guessed I did okay. However, I cannot tell what grade I would be getting. I am just satisfied with a pass, anyway. What a relief it was when I handed in the answer script.

P/S: I am pretty excited about the coming day trip to KL by train. This is our first trip of the year (exclude the Kellie's Castle one). I hope it works out.

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