Thursday, March 26, 2009

A rainbow after the rain

Today was one of the rare Thursdays when I came home early from college. The lecturer was on MC so we escaped the evening and night class! I managed to pull a prank on Cecilia when she called to ask about the class. It wasn't that successful because I was too kind to Mother Nature. I didn't want her to waste her fuel and contaminate the air further by making a pointless trip to college when the class was cancelled (I initially bluffed her by saying that I was skipping class so I asked her to skip too!).

Being the kind person I am, I told her the truth (Not being conceited here, just feel like giving myself a praise once in a while=D).

Now let me introduce the infamous Cecilia a.k.a. NKP (inside joke).

[Photo grabbed from her Facebook profile]

Oh really??? *Pim pom!!*

I wonder whether her expression was like this when I told her about the night class

The bad news was, I still ate the same dinner albeit at a different location. I'm not complaining though. I love roti pisang and a glass of air suam for dinner every Thursday. I guess I got used to having this set so I didn't think the need to complain since I am getting what I wanted. =)

There was a full rainbow spread across the sky after the rain. It's been quite a while since a rainbow has made its appearance anywhere near my place.

This was snapped before we went out to heed the cries of our poor stomachs.

I was momentarily awe-struck and could not take my eyes off the rainbow. I have always loved the colours of the rainbow and how they lined up to become something so mesmerizing. Then, I thought about God. He's the best artist and nothing He had made was ever flawless.

-We are perfect in the sight of God despite all our imperfections because we are His masterpiece.-

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小月 said...

Oh ya, the rainbows were nice and i also got take picture oh! hehe~

Joanna said...

Heyz, I saw these pair too. Dad got a picture. What better than one, no two! inverted smiles to put a smile back on ur face after a rainy day :)

Caryn said...

i like this post = D