Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Valentines are here.

My dream has finally become a reality. Assignments are finally here. 6 assignments to be completed in 5 weeks (excluding CNY break) because I will not do any assignments during the festival.

I might blog from time to time in the midst of assignments. Will try to. :-P

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still bored

I have the feeling that I am still on break. The assignments are not here yet so I have been watching Cruel Temptation (currently watching episode 98) and several animes (Yumeiro Patissiere, True Tears and Hanamaru Kindergarten) that mom introduced me for a few weeks already. I am turning into a couch potato soon.

There's a food eating competition held in college today and I am glad I didn't join.

Colourful array of food

Everything must be inserted into the bun and goes straight into the mouth. The stomachs of the contestants would surely be upset after the competition.

P.S. Happy birthday, Pey Shyan! Hope you read this.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No filters

The thing I love most about going to college is when I stay in class listening to the lecturer while taking down notes and then go home as soon as class is dismissed. That's it. No other activities that force me to stay and dread the hours in college and draining my energy even more. I need a break after strenuously working my brain to its limit during class.

I was so relieved that the set lunch was over although there was some cooperation problem with the DHM students. Don't they know they are part of the activity as well? Don't say we didn't delegate task to you because we did. Even if we didn't, you should take the initiative to ask what you can do to contribute and so forth. Fortunately, the whole thing went on pretty well. Hosteurs Club will extinct in no time if this keeps up.

I want the assignments to reach me soon so that I can get it done and over with fast. Can't wait for training to start because that is the moment when I am free from college activities. Colleges should just stick to its mission to educate students and help them excel rather than hindering them from concentrating in class and fill their time which can be used to do revision/research for assignments with activities which are deemed to be educational (Yeah, right!). Don't push us to the limit. The one who will get a bad name is you. You know how words spread like an epidemic.

Hanamaru Kindergarten is a new anime that mom introduced me. Loved it because the kids are so short (ketot betul!) and adorable!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hola! Guess what I have been up to?

It's the 16th day into the Twenty Ten. Haven't been blogging these days because I am busy watching a Korean melodrama.

Cruel Temptation

There are 129 episodes in total and I have just finished watching up to episode 27. Long way to go. The soundtrack of the drama is good too. I strongly recommend this drama for those who loves conflict-in-family sort of drama; mother-in-law abuses daughter-in-law, conflicts between the daughter-in-law and her best friend/husband's lover sort of thing.

The new season of American Idol has started and the audition cracks me up as always. Song of the year: Pants On The Ground! (If you don't get what I mean, go google it up.. hehe)

I have no class on Monday!! :o)

BUT I have replacement class on Friday. :o(

Monday, January 11, 2010

Done with chapter 1

Timetable is about to have some changes since Miss Rachel is going to do part time instead of full time. I wish her all the best in her new job. I am not going to care about food sale. Haa! What can you do now that I don't want to cooperate in your stupid masak-masak game? We are studying hospitality management, not cooking management.

I am excited about strengthening my memory pegs. =) Thanks Mr. Harry for giving the memory lessons to us FREE OF CHARGE. I really appreciate that.

Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Needs, Wants, Demands, Products & Services, Value, Satisfaction, Quality, Exchange, Transaction, Relationships, Markets, Production, Products, Sales, Marketing, Societal Marketing
Ju Dee, that's for you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Short sentences + Foodies I had today.

This started my day.

If any of you guessed roti canai, you are wrong. it's roti bawang. Wahahaha!!

Lunch at Ding Feng, Ipoh Garden East. Bitter gourd + Fried Chicken and rice

My all-time favourite. Mamak rice. I get to be creative with the gravy-mixing.


Crystle is having diarrhea. Still have Marketing homework to complete. Life is awesome.

P.S. Missing you.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wedding dinner

So many people are getting married and it's not surprising that I attended one last night.

Let's talk no more. Pichas!!

Our table number

Jing Wen

Another shot with Jing Wen

First dish


Delicious roast piglet.

Another unrelated picture.

What do you think of the heels?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Leave us alone

Warning: Do not highlight unless you want to see the ugly side of me.

Whatever happened these few days have made me feel pressured to the extent that I do not want to go to college anymore. Why?

My sole purpose for now is to attend all my lectures and complete all assignments given without any interruption from unimportant things that not only do not contribute any benefit but also a waste of time, money and energy.

It's not that I am not willing to participate in club activities but this is just too much. I have decided not to care anymore. You want us to sell food every week? Fine, we will do it in the most minuscule way we can. Why do it big when we have to bear all the costs and loss (in case there's any)? Today was a success because it's easy to sell sandwiches.

We have classes to attend to and therefore we do not have time to prepare for stupid activities. We have 4 days of classes per week, okay? Do you expect us to come on our free days and waste our petrol just to carry out things that will make you look good? No way. I hate being made used of like this. It's not my responsibility to ensure the college has a lot of activities. You should plan it. I pay to study and not to be your slave.

You want us to organize set lunch every month? Go check the equipments you provide us with and re-evaluate your decision on asking us to prepare with faulty equipments. We don't even have a fridge in the kitchen. Do you expect us to freeze all our cold food till they become inedible? One more thing, you expect us to pay for all the ingredients with our meager amount of club money while you enjoy the scene, bragging to others about how well you manage us? Please, leave us alone to our lectures and assignments. As if life isn't hard enough already.

I don't look forward to Monday.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New semester, old cycle

Third semester. The start of it shocked me a little this morning. I was expecting to see Miss Rachel because I thought she is teaching us Marketing but the one's who's teaching is someone whom I have never seen before. Mr. Harry (previously from TAR College in KL) is his name. If I manage to capture his picture, I will post it here. For now, I shall let you imagine him as a good looking fellow. Not too far off the mark though. =)

The first lesson of Marketing is not about the subject but about speed reading and photographic reading. Pretty enlightening. I have never thought of studying that way. Attempted, but didn't really put a lot of effort in it. I'll try to start over a new study pattern using mind maps (something that is troublesome because I really hate drawing) if I get more motivation.

I can still remember shoes, handbag, dress, guitar strings, handphone, yogurt, chicken, pizza, milk, pencil box, tv, tie, wallet, glasses, CD case, books, nail polish, earrings, glow sticks all in sequence.

The timetable is a bit ridiculous. I have 4 days of classes of which 2 days consist of only 2 hours respectively. How? I still need to pay the RM2 parking for just two hours. RM1 per hour. I better stay longer at college to make it more worthwhile.

While waiting for dad to pick me up, I realized that the tree is still standing there after New Year.

Oops, caught Mr. Thomas too.

I feel weird because my routine becomes mundane once again.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Twenty Ten

The first decade into the millennium. Let's all celebrate this new year together with love, peace and joy!

2009 has been a year filled with interesting events just like every other year and I hope this year has more great things in store for me. Will be finishing my final semester end of this year and training starts hopefully in January next year. I can't wait.

Some pictures snapped with Corby.

The evening sky on New Year eve.

Snapped in church.

When the clock stroke 12, this is what you get. Fireworks in the distance.

Shot #2

Classes resume on Monday. The cycle repeats once more.