Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hola! Guess what I have been up to?

It's the 16th day into the Twenty Ten. Haven't been blogging these days because I am busy watching a Korean melodrama.

Cruel Temptation

There are 129 episodes in total and I have just finished watching up to episode 27. Long way to go. The soundtrack of the drama is good too. I strongly recommend this drama for those who loves conflict-in-family sort of drama; mother-in-law abuses daughter-in-law, conflicts between the daughter-in-law and her best friend/husband's lover sort of thing.

The new season of American Idol has started and the audition cracks me up as always. Song of the year: Pants On The Ground! (If you don't get what I mean, go google it up.. hehe)

I have no class on Monday!! :o)

BUT I have replacement class on Friday. :o(

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Joanna said...

OOh .... Pants on the Ground! I had the whole song stuck in my head for days !! Cracks me up every time :)

HAve fun dear with your drama and singing competitions :)