Thursday, January 21, 2010

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The thing I love most about going to college is when I stay in class listening to the lecturer while taking down notes and then go home as soon as class is dismissed. That's it. No other activities that force me to stay and dread the hours in college and draining my energy even more. I need a break after strenuously working my brain to its limit during class.

I was so relieved that the set lunch was over although there was some cooperation problem with the DHM students. Don't they know they are part of the activity as well? Don't say we didn't delegate task to you because we did. Even if we didn't, you should take the initiative to ask what you can do to contribute and so forth. Fortunately, the whole thing went on pretty well. Hosteurs Club will extinct in no time if this keeps up.

I want the assignments to reach me soon so that I can get it done and over with fast. Can't wait for training to start because that is the moment when I am free from college activities. Colleges should just stick to its mission to educate students and help them excel rather than hindering them from concentrating in class and fill their time which can be used to do revision/research for assignments with activities which are deemed to be educational (Yeah, right!). Don't push us to the limit. The one who will get a bad name is you. You know how words spread like an epidemic.

Hanamaru Kindergarten is a new anime that mom introduced me. Loved it because the kids are so short (ketot betul!) and adorable!!

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