Thursday, January 07, 2010

Leave us alone

Warning: Do not highlight unless you want to see the ugly side of me.

Whatever happened these few days have made me feel pressured to the extent that I do not want to go to college anymore. Why?

My sole purpose for now is to attend all my lectures and complete all assignments given without any interruption from unimportant things that not only do not contribute any benefit but also a waste of time, money and energy.

It's not that I am not willing to participate in club activities but this is just too much. I have decided not to care anymore. You want us to sell food every week? Fine, we will do it in the most minuscule way we can. Why do it big when we have to bear all the costs and loss (in case there's any)? Today was a success because it's easy to sell sandwiches.

We have classes to attend to and therefore we do not have time to prepare for stupid activities. We have 4 days of classes per week, okay? Do you expect us to come on our free days and waste our petrol just to carry out things that will make you look good? No way. I hate being made used of like this. It's not my responsibility to ensure the college has a lot of activities. You should plan it. I pay to study and not to be your slave.

You want us to organize set lunch every month? Go check the equipments you provide us with and re-evaluate your decision on asking us to prepare with faulty equipments. We don't even have a fridge in the kitchen. Do you expect us to freeze all our cold food till they become inedible? One more thing, you expect us to pay for all the ingredients with our meager amount of club money while you enjoy the scene, bragging to others about how well you manage us? Please, leave us alone to our lectures and assignments. As if life isn't hard enough already.

I don't look forward to Monday.

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shinystar said...

When we are angry at someone, our anger is misplaced so we need to put back our anger where it belongs. This means we need to leave the anger alone and not to think about it. Just continue to think of goodness in whatever you do and focus on Him. You will surely love Mondays to Thursdays again from next week.

Fiona said...

the moment i wrote the entry down, i have returned my anger to its original place. hehehe.... now okay already. =)

Aaron Chan Chee Kin said...

hey fiona

Aaron here, Ben's brother...haha stumbled upon your blog. Hmm u studying in UTAR Kampar..cause ur situation sounds familiar to a situation by some friends of mine there....U know Sui Yen and Kelvin?

Fiona said...

to aaron: i'm at olympia ipoh.. just hate the way things are organized.. sigh.. why can't the management leave us alone. give us so much work to do. i don't know Sui Yen and Kelvin..=P