Thursday, August 26, 2010

K Box + Strawberry Moment = Kingly Moment!

Semester 4 is officially over! So college mates and I went for karaoke session at K Box and Strawberry Moment at De Garden for a celebration. It was also a farewell for Rooney and Kah Men as they will be going for their training after this. We will definitely miss you both!

Met up at 4.30pm right after Ju Dee's final paper and we really had so much fun singing and snapping pictures.

All pictures are snapped by our dutiful photographer, Khor Ju Dee. If you like, you can rate the pictures by leaving a comment. Photos will be numbered for rating convenience. Only Ju Dee is not allowed to rate her pictures because she will put 10/10 for every single one.

#1 The last four HND (HM) students in college.



#4 Ju Dee and I

#5 Mickey and I

#6 Four of us again

The next venue: Strawberry Moment

Everything was so pink there.

Look at the menu!

#7 The menu looks delicious already

#8 More than enough sweet stuffs that you can indulge in. I can hear the ants coming!

#9 Frosty Strawberry Drink for me

#10 Artistic shot by The Photographer. I think it is not bad. The picture and the taste as well.

#11 From left: Fresh Strawberry Juice (Patricia), Frosty Strawberry Drink (Mine), Iced Strawberry Tea (Ju Dee), Strawberry White Coffee (Kah Men)

#12 Pasta with Tomato Gravy. Yummy! Glad it didn't taste like strawberry.

We chatted for a long time and Ju Dee wanted a group photo but the staffs were too busy to entertain us. So Patricia thought of this brilliant idea to use the tissue box as our tripod.

#13 Three, two, one, SNAP!!! Confirmed clear!

Strolled for a while and we looked for more areas to snap pictures.

#14 Wish the staircase was tiled so it would look nicer.

#15 Test shot to see if the lighting is good enough for photography.

#16 Red mode

#17 Bluish green mode. Sickly atmosphere.

#18 Trying to act fierce in the red light. I failed.

#19 Group photo. A security guard snapped this photo.

Went back around 11.30pm last night.

P.S. The PuiYun, I will never turn you down if you ask me out in broad daylight. I will definitely say YES. I can only go out at night OCCASIONALLY. My quota is used up for this month. :/

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new phase drawing near

At this juncture, I have no idea what I am doing. Still slacking although exam is on Monday. The notes put me off. My beloved lecturers have no idea what they were teaching in class.

It didn't occur to me until recently that I will soon be leaving my beloved town. My life in Form Six seems to be ages ago. I can't really remember much about it now. And now, I am moving on to another phase in life into the unknown. It's quite terrifying at the thought of moving out into another town for a considerably long period of time. Penang, please be kind to me. I don't know much about Hokkien but I know there's a place for everyone at anywhere in the world.

I have heard of training experiences from college mates but it is still something foreign unless I have really experienced it myself. It's easy to imagine how it's going to be like but the practical part of it might be more challenging than what have been said. I wonder if I am well cut out for the job.

Consoling self: Everything will be okay. Definitely be.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First time in Pappa Rich - One week more to exam

I had a great night hanging out with friends (Pui Yun, Sarah, Amy, Mei Yann, Evon, Faridza, Harvey and Mimi-a new friend found) at Pappa Rich. Being my first time there, I ordered the highly recommended drink - Milo Dinosaur and it was good. Tasted like concentrated Milo. As for the pricing, I think it wasn't too expensive. Just the kind of pricing Old Town White Coffee has.

It is supposed to be a study break next week but I still have to attend lectures on Wednesday and Thursday because Miss Chiew expects us to. Just because Her Majesty says so. Oh well, I have decided not to wear uniform and let's see if she will fine me for that. As usual, I will start revision at the eleventh hour as usual.

Been on drama marathon for the past few weeks. I don't get this chance to watch so many dramas when I go for training so I am squeezing everything in these few months while I am still here in Ipoh.

And I am beginning to worry for my training application. God bless Mr. Shahnizam that he is able to efficiently send my resume to Rasa Sayang in time. I don't want history to repeat.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Of a warm night and mosquito bites

It's a warm night full of mosquitoes and I still don't feel like going to bed. It's too warm to sleep. Been watching drama the whole day and I can't wait for the next episode to be released. Initially, I wanted to wait till the whole series has been aired but I guessed I am just too impatient.

It's late. I should start rolling on my bed and then gradually go to sleep. Miss my laptop so much. Please let it be okay again soon. For the time being, I must be patient to wait for Dr. Deric to diagnose what kind of disease lappie is suffering from (Although I think I suffer more than the laptop that is taking a long break).

I guess I will be using the Mini 9 for revision as well since my notes are partially in soft copy. Speaking of it, exam is in three weeks. How time flies! Another semester to go and it's time for me to venture out into the real world for industrial training for SIX MONTHS. It seems like a long time but I think it will pass by real swiftly. That's how time works. You must never estimate the speed of time because you will never guess it right. Just like playing a trick on your mind, it will pass by very slowly when you want it to move fast and it will happen exactly the same way the other way round. Having the time of your life? Time will rob the moment from you so quick that you always think that time is never enough.

Okay, I should try sleeping before my mind goes wacko and continues blabbering nonsense here and also to slip under the comforter (the night is hot but it's my habit) since I am feeding too much blood to the bloodsuckers and wish to cut their supply for tonight.

Good night, my friends (although I know some of you have gone to Neverland hours ago).