Saturday, August 14, 2010

First time in Pappa Rich - One week more to exam

I had a great night hanging out with friends (Pui Yun, Sarah, Amy, Mei Yann, Evon, Faridza, Harvey and Mimi-a new friend found) at Pappa Rich. Being my first time there, I ordered the highly recommended drink - Milo Dinosaur and it was good. Tasted like concentrated Milo. As for the pricing, I think it wasn't too expensive. Just the kind of pricing Old Town White Coffee has.

It is supposed to be a study break next week but I still have to attend lectures on Wednesday and Thursday because Miss Chiew expects us to. Just because Her Majesty says so. Oh well, I have decided not to wear uniform and let's see if she will fine me for that. As usual, I will start revision at the eleventh hour as usual.

Been on drama marathon for the past few weeks. I don't get this chance to watch so many dramas when I go for training so I am squeezing everything in these few months while I am still here in Ipoh.

And I am beginning to worry for my training application. God bless Mr. Shahnizam that he is able to efficiently send my resume to Rasa Sayang in time. I don't want history to repeat.

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