Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new phase drawing near

At this juncture, I have no idea what I am doing. Still slacking although exam is on Monday. The notes put me off. My beloved lecturers have no idea what they were teaching in class.

It didn't occur to me until recently that I will soon be leaving my beloved town. My life in Form Six seems to be ages ago. I can't really remember much about it now. And now, I am moving on to another phase in life into the unknown. It's quite terrifying at the thought of moving out into another town for a considerably long period of time. Penang, please be kind to me. I don't know much about Hokkien but I know there's a place for everyone at anywhere in the world.

I have heard of training experiences from college mates but it is still something foreign unless I have really experienced it myself. It's easy to imagine how it's going to be like but the practical part of it might be more challenging than what have been said. I wonder if I am well cut out for the job.

Consoling self: Everything will be okay. Definitely be.

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shinystar said...

Everything will be okay and all that you do will be just fine. God with us.