Monday, February 01, 2010

Terima kasih, thank you, 谢谢!!

My morning started off as usual until dismissal time. Loved the surprise though. Thanks to all my friends who were part of the birthday plan.

Patricia lied saying that another lecturer wanted to see us and I easily believed her. So I continued being ignorant and oblivious to what they were up to until they brought this into the classroom.


Mango cake. Absolutely delicious. They were considerate enough to light up only one candle when everyone knows I am turning TWENTY TWO. Haha!!

Not so blur anymore.

Cutting ceremony

Ju Dee's first failed photo. Try harder!

We took the cake to the hawker centre and finished the whole 1/2 kg cake there. Yum yum!

Let's fast forward to the dinner part. Mom asked me where I would like to go for celebration and I thought David's Diner would be good.

Table setting. Ever since I have taken up this course, I begin to gain interest in snapping pictures of cutlery.

The three blinding spots!

We were the only patrons

Grilled Chicken Q---cannot remember the name. I just remembered it's Q something something with sour cream and chili + Mac and cheese + Mexican rice

So what did I think of the food?

A thousand words described!

Came back from David's Diner and I fell for the same surprise TWICE today.

I was on the computer surfing for info when my sis asked me to go to the kitchen. I was thinking she saw lizard or something like that but this is what I saw.

Fruit Flan! My favourite! This year is truly a fruity birthday.

According to Eunice, the customized bracelet is just an appetizer. Meaning? More presents to come!

Beautiful, ain't it?

Heartfelt thanks to all who wished me using various medias and also to those who made it even more meaningful by celebrating with me. Hugs and kisses to y'all!! ♥♥♥

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