Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodbye, Ritz!

My second day doing a short practical at Ritz Garden is over. The rooms I helped with today were smaller compared to yesterday. I figured out that as the floor gets higher, the rooms get bigger. Being on duty on the 6th and 7th floor yesterday, it's quite hard to get used to making the beds in smaller rooms (there is so little space to move about!) today on the 2nd and 3rd floor. However, I soon got used to it. So I guess practice does make perfection. =)

So, five of us (Patricia, Ju Dee, Christina, Miki and I) started our routine today just like yesterday and the only differences were the floors and housemaids we were put under the care of. Otherwise, things were pretty much the same.

Here are some pictures snapped during working hours. More will be added here soon!

Milan shampooing the carpet on the second floor

Ju Dee was curious and wanted the feel of being a shampoo girl

The king bed in family deluxe room

Shower area

The sink and must-have mirror

Twin beddings in one of the rooms

The trolley

Laundry trolley

Miki, the runner of the day

The following few pictures are about us in action.

Bed making:

Water closet washing:

Taking a break for a while while Kak Zahila is working hard outside =):

Pillow fights, anyone?

Comforter spreading:

Hanging hand towels:

And last but not least, our group picture! Ju Dee was the photographer.

From left: Me, Patricia, Zahila, Miki, Christina, Wani, Milan, Lin, The Housekeeper (sorry, don't know her name :P)

There was another picture without the Housekeeper in it. My mistake. I rectified the mistake and present you this:

I did this purely with Photoscape, okay? Not Photoshop so don't criticize it. Hehe...


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