Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Two papers managed!

I was surprised I could wake up at the first ring of mom's call. Wow, didn't really expect that since I slept at almost one last night.

What a relief it was to finish another paper. Something went wrong this morning as our exam was supposed to start at 9.30am but in the end, we only started half an hour later. During the half hour, I sat there looking around, hoping for the paper to arrive to the exam room soon. It gave me some time to pray which is good. Praying before every paper gives me the peace and decreases the nervousness.

Room Division was not bad. The only hurdle left before my sweet, sweet holidays come is Management Accounting. Once again, I will surrender to God and will accept whatever result He's going to give me.

Will be watching New Moon with Patricia and Ju Dee on Friday. Bih Tong, are you free on that day?

COUNTDOWN TO YOUTH CAMP: 11 days to go!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates.. will be dropping by again.