Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Post KL trip

4 April 2009

As planned previously, we took the 9 a.m. train to KL Sentral from Ipoh station. There were very few of us but we did enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some pictures from the KL trip. The train took 3.25 hours to reach KL Sentral from Ipoh. I kind of like the journey in the train.

Snapped somewhere near Batu Gajah (I am sure it's around there because I didn't notice there is a Batu Gajah stop until Rooney told me)

Take two

We finally reached the busy city and took another train to Midvalley.

Look at the hamster running madly round and round, round and round...

Being a law breaker is kind of fun! This picture is illegally snapped from Pets Wonderland where no photographing is allowed.

Another shot of the cutey pies!

I shall not bore you with the details of the trip because we spent most of our time window shopping. Only once, Ju Dee pleaded for me to push her out of a shop because she fell in love with a top, which I gladly did. =)

Something scandalous happened in Subway Sandwiches.

Can you guess who she is?

As we waited for the train to come from KL Sentral to Midvalley station, I got so bored waiting that I snapped the picture of the human galore across the rail.

These people were the ones taking the Seremban train.

And they were sandwiched like the Subway Sandwiches.

We went back by the 9.45 p.m. train and it felt like the morning train that we took was just a moment ago. How the day had gone by so fast, I had no idea.


I actually enjoyed my first classes today. Totally interesting. =)

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