Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Easter everyone! I know it's already at night but it's yet to be 12am so technically now is still Easter.

Had a joyous celebration in church this morning and I was really excited to once again celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. If not for Him, we would have all gone down to hell for eternity. He is our Saviour and I am proud to be His child. Now, everyone say AMEN! (This reminds me of today's 'No Amen, No Food!'. Really funny!)

Two more weeks to exam and still unprepared. I'm getting used to this bad habit. Too late for a change. Sorry, brain. You have to undergo cramming during exam week. That's because I love the way you work during cramming. Absorbing all info in desperation to know everything I should before the papers.

Another lazy entry shall end here. Bye!

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