Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red-Eared Sliders

I recorded a video of the terrapins (I just know they are known as Red-Eared Sliders) eating vege last night. Please bear with the poor quality. =D

L did nothing in the video. All he did was watching Light and Missa as usual. I don't know why they are so interesting to L. Next time I must watch them like L does most of the time. Maybe I will find some interest in terrapin-watching too.

Got a wedding dinner to attend to tonight. And tomorrow night. April is a popular month for weddings!

P.S. The paper today was quite easy but the poor lighting pained my eyes. The first paper caused me headache as the light above me was flickering. I thought someone was snapping pictures for college brochures at first. Change the bulb, please. Totally not conducive for students to sit for exam with such poor lighting.

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