Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hail, 'Oh-Your-Majesty'!

It feels so good to be informal the entire day. No wonder the juniors always leave their uniforms to guard the house and come to college almost daily in their casuals. They are really brilliant. Seriously! Even the administration admires their intelligence and decides NOT to reprimand them for dressing inappropriately for classes. Especially the foreign students, they get absolute priority and special treatment from the 'Oh-Your-Majesty'. Sad to say, the same cannot be said for me and my fellow comrades. We are being shunned aside like the dirt on the roadside, so insignificant that we thought we are not being noticed at all. But we are so wrong. They noticed us all right.

One day of breaking rule results us into getting an RM1 fine per person but since we stick to our firm principle and will only pay up when the juniors do, we are not going to donate even a single cent for the time being. Don't tell me you don't earn enough from so many victims that you have ensnared into your trap. I know your tricks. Look at the new students that you have enrolled this year. Most of them don't have the commitment to follow the rules and even going overboard by being absent whenever the club is organising any activities. That is the kind of students that you have.

I am becoming happier each day as I enter class because each passing day pushes me closer to the moment I bid eternal farewell to my dear college.

If you cannot take constructive comments to improve on the inferior management style you have so cleverly designed, I am so sorry to say that the title that you get end of last year does not mean anything at all. A plate does not determine success when what is being displayed is so far off the mark than what is actually being done inside the building.

Thank God for patience.

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Nurainie said...

Fiona, I can't imagine you writing something like this. But then, I must say it is very well written. Not meaning the message, but the style of writing.

Fiona said...

i realised that i can only write that way when i feel the sarcasm coming in. thank you for the compliment! =D