Monday, April 12, 2010

New stuff

A few days ago, there's a renovation going on next door. The tiling work was carried out in a jiffy and in three days, it's done! I have never seen tiling done at the speed of lightning.

Spread the cement all over and arrange the tiles on the floor just like collage. The angle of the picture was pretty bad because I didn't want them to know I was snapping their work.

Neighbour has got something new to dress their floor so I must have something new to dress my dresses!


TADAA! A brand new wardrobe as a new addition to my family of furniture in my room! My outdoor clothes have a new house and they don't have to share with my pajamas and other house clothings. Finally!

Oh and did I mention it's my first wardrobe with sliding door? I've always dreamt of having one and now my dream is materialised.

Slid open. Currently still in the process of arranging the fabrics in. The first item that I put in the wardrobe is the blazer. I usually hang it outside the old wardrobe and it has been homeless for almost three years now. Welcome to your new home!

Just now while I was looking outside to admire the neighbour's new tiles (actually more of looking at the scenery), I saw a cute little girl training herself to wash a car. Check it out.

This week is my final week for relaxation before the cramming season starts. Brain, rest while you can, yea?

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Wai Keong said...

A new home for your outdoor clothes. :)