Thursday, April 22, 2010

New bracelet

First paper down. I pray that God will bless the answer sheet so that I can pass the subject. I can finally keep Marketing off my head. Next will be Sales Development & Merchandising on Saturday. Can't wait to finish all of my papers and then a sweet, sweet break after that.

Three weeks ago, I made a purchase and I collected it from Alfread today.

Pretty or not?

It might look pretty but it can only be really pretty if it suits my wrist.

You be the judge. Does it suit my skin tone? Ju Dee and Patricia has each got one too with different colours. I hope Ju Dee posts the picture of the '3 Wrists' soon in Facebook or wherever so I that I can share it here. =D

It's time for L to go to bed. Same goes for Kaka, Kiki's brother/sister (not sure of its gender).

Top: L resting on Black L
Bottom: Kaka lounging on the bridge waiting for morning to come

Was browsing through some Samsung Corby wallpapers and had a crazy time downloading them (so many!) and when I wanted to save a Christian wallpaper, the website crashed on me! Stupid devil, get away in the name of Jesus and let me save my beloved wallpaper! And don't come back.


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Anonymous said...

help help.... Mork is in danger. he is so sick and he just turned blind not long ago. He was hungry and attempted to eat the food in front of him but poor little Mork.. he can't see no more. both his eyes can't be open again. Maybe it is time for Mork to leave and stay with N, Mindy and the rest who were already gone too. Not in a mood to do anything... Please don/t leave me Mork....