Friday, April 16, 2010

Pool Day

I have finally gone back to befriend the pool after so long. The water is so green it freaks me a little. That's what you get from public pools. I don't know why I feel sleepy each time after a swim. I think the chlorine has something to do with it. Maybe it acts like a sleeping pill for occasional insomniac like me. Will go swim more often whenever I cannot sleep from now on. I guess the effect is already manifesting as I accidentally scratched my nails against the pool tile (for the safety of the public, please CEMENT the gaps of the tiles!) twice. I must have been feeling sleepy by then.

Gonna have a short weekend in KL on coming Sunday!

It's definitely a retreat before I start war with the boring subjects. =D

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Anonymous said...

I think it is probably because swimming takes a lot of energy. and when you use up all the energy you get tired and sleepy.

And being tired relates to more sleep, so I guess that's all there is to know.

got to run to another blog now.. hehe


Joanna said...

I get incredibly sleepy too after a swim. Will hardly be able to keep my eyes open ... hehe. Have always wondered how come they say exercise makes you feel refreshed :P