Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I want to talk about the weather but my mind wanders off to something else I hate.

The weather is crazily warm today. I think the sun has gone angry that it has decided to scorch everyone alive. Fortunately, I am still alive to blog out this entry. Let's talk about the weather for today as I have nothing to talk about. Blogging about college-related stuffs is boring and I don't want to bore my friends who have made an effort to pay a visit to this blog. See how kind I am.

I love the cold, although I don't get that in Malaysia often. Maybe once in a blue moon, the sun will take a rest and let the rain take over. That's the best time for me. I just love the rain and the wind it brings along. Thank God there's no hurricane here. I don't want my house roof to be blown away! Let's pray that the weather will get better tomorrow.

I have promised not to touch on any college-related stuffs but I am going to break my promise now. Just this once. Well, not actually breaking it since what I am about to say is to tell you that I am going to break a college rule tomorrow (just touching on the surface of the subject).


Can't believe that I am beginning to like the idea of breaking rules. If the administration is not enforcing it on the juniors, why should we adhere to it? We don't get any special awards for being such 'goody goody students'. Wearing uniform makes us more vulnerable to more service work at college. Sorry, I am retiring right now. I shall reserve the energy for service during my six-month training next year. Heh!

(Okay, I have gone overboard. Too much talk on college already! Should stop now!)

Class is from 10am to 6pm tomorrow. Such a long day. Can't wait to get home and have a nice warm bath after class then off to dreamland. How I wish I could do that...

(College talk ends here. Just pretend you didn't read the college stuffs and keep the impression that I am still keeping my promise.)

Dream on, just dream on. I shall do it now since I am going off to bed right now. My neck is burning because of the heat. Mr. Ray is not resting even after sunset. Go to bed like me and come back only to work tomorrow morning at sunrise!

Good night.

P.S. Please rain tomorrow. I need the rain to keep me sane.

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Nurainie said...

Well, mgmt seem to want to play the good guys all the time...good luck to them...good guys don't get any respect cause students will be good in front of them but behind is another story.