Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding dinner at Syuen Hotel - Charis' Wedding

Collected enough photos worthy to blog! After three times working part-time at Syuen, I went there for the fourth time as a guest.

Love the cake design.

Oh ya, congratulations to Charis and Samuel on your wedding!

Our table. I forgot to take the gold box home. :(

A random picture of the event. Caught Sue Jane in a candid.

Tried panorama shots again. Getting better at it.

The moment the food presentation started, I had a surge of nostalgia. I still remember I waited with the other staffs outside in another three occasions carrying the first dish waiting for instruction.

Jellyfish, prawn salad, eggs and nuts. Too bad the horse is not edible.

Crab chowder. Tasted better than the one in Oversea.

Roasted chicken. No good.

I hope Chee Foo doesn't read my blog. It was fun mixing your drinks and garnishing it with flower and cherries. :)

So beautiful right? It's a mocktail. A concoction of chinese tea and Sprite.

Fish! See the sifu (Chee Foo) cutting the fish.

Fried prawns. Delicious. I ate 10 prawns that day. 8 for lunch (the prawns from Oversea) and 2 of the ones in the picture.

Asher and Chloe

Aunty Susan, Asher, Chloe

Mushroom dish. The broccoli is delicious.

Fried rice. I took only a few spoonfuls.

Desserts! Red beans tong sui

That's the end of the FOOD and a couple of CUTIES. Let's move on to not so cute humans but still pretty. Hahaha!!!

The girls with the bride's parents

Table 43 occupants

Clockwise from top: Eunice, me, Mei Mei, Emily

From left: Abigail, Mei Mei, Eunice, me

Clockwise from top left: Reynard, Brandon, Chee Foo, Melanie, Howard, me, Mei Mei, Emily, Eunice, Sue Jane

Eunice, dad, me

The girls and the bride and groom. I have been waiting for the right camera owner to upload the picture but I shall post it in another post as a lost picture like the one below.

Lost picture. Should be in the other wedding dinner post but I'm too lazy to edit that one. So here it is. Koalas!

P.S. Exam is officially over! I want to do a lot of things. Maybe time to get back to novels? Or cross stitch?

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Anonymous said...

so tired running here and there at last i reach your blog again. congrats to the bride and bridegroom. anymore wedding dinner post do tell me... got to run out as the trash guys are coming soon....


Sherry said...

so nice hotel long time no go to ipoh, its in ipoh right?

Fiona said...

@sherry: yup. it's in ipoh. =D