Monday, April 19, 2010

Fruitful weekend at Sunway Pyramid

The trip to KL was a relaxing one. Isn't it strange that I feel relaxed to be in that busy city? Sometimes, I feel the busiest town is Ipoh because this is where I have much work to do. Wherever you come from, there your responsibilities shall be. Anyone agree with me on that? Snapped some photos at Sunway Pyramid as I was enjoying myself. Got myself another reptile from there too. Thank you, mommy dearie! I will make sure L stays alive for many years to come. =D

Wanna see L? He will be revealed at the end of the entry. Be patient and read all the way through.

The previous trip to Sunway Pyramid wasn't as fruitful as this time. The complex has changed quite a bit but I don't know what. One of the new addition that I have not seen before is this.

When was this set up? Indoor Ferris Wheel just like in Genting.

We went to a pet shop where I got fascinated by a flying squirrel (Sugar gliders) hanging upside down and some cute hamsters fighting with one another to get onto the wheel. How interesting! They are so cute!

They say two is company and three is a CROWD! Very true in this case.

And not to forget some bunnies too!

Hmm, I must look pweety in front of camewa... *groom groom groom first*

Very emo bunny. Looked at me as if it wanted to eat me up. Cute nevertheless.

A random sports car spotted. Forgive me for being shallow in race car business. :P

As we strolled further, we bought more things and our stomachs finally begin to rumble. Not until we noticed a banner which says RM1 chicken in front of Canton-i restaurant. It sounded impossibly cheap!!!!

So in we went.

The RM1 chicken dish! Yummy.

Grilled brinjal

Baby long beans with minced pork. Love the way they marinated it till so tasty!

End of Canton-i. The bill came out to be more than RM1. There's a catch after all. We ordered more than we should because one chicken is simply not enough. Hehe....

Got a new purse for Christmas! Not sure whether it's post or pre-Christmas but I think it is a pre! Mom has given me a lot for the last Christmas. The buttons are so adorable. Milk Teddy has the best designs!

Now it's time for the main character to make his appearance for the very first time in this blog. Enemy of Light and Missa, L!

At the hotel, fearing the cold.

Back to home sweet home.

Bought a Black L to accompany him to accomplish great things together!





2 wrote a note:

Joanna said...

Tortoise !! ( or is it a turtle? Terrapin...?...ehm..) Anyway, been years since I had one ! I love them when they're still tiny, small, and not able to bite :P All the best for finals dear !

Fiona said...

it's a terrapin! yup. now it's still very scared of me. hehehe. thanks, dearie. all the best to you too in your preparation to england! ♥