Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wedding dinner at Oversea Restaurant

The dinner at Oversea Restaurant was a really filling one. It was the post-wedding celebration of mom's cousin's son a.k.a. my second cousin's. Sounds complicated, huh?

The 001 table. Look at the cute koalas that are given out as souvenirs for each guest.

The menu. See, I am so kind. I would have been selfish enough not to post this picture up since I don't read Chinese but I still post it up because I know some of my readers do. Faster say thank you.

My koala.

Mother and son playing with the koalas. I think I will win something if I submit this picture for any Mother's Day competition. Hehe... Oh, please don't steal this picture. It might not win. I am just kidding. =P

First dish.

The first time ever seeing a dish served this way. Guess what it was.

Taraa! It's soup with mushroom, abalone, chicken feet and meat inside. Really gai bao qi (translation: chicken, abalone, shark fins)

Another shot.

My comment: Not very tasty. Should have been boiled longer before serving.

Menu cover. Showing off I have been to Oversea Restaurant. Wahahaha!

WARNING: The next picture is strictly non-halal. So if there are any Muslim readers, please close your eyes while scrolling until you feel that the pig picture has disappeared.

Crunchy skin. Yum yum!

There should be another picture of the steamed fish but we got carried away snapping photographs so I missed the fish picture. It's enough to imagine it as a big bawal hitam STEAMED. I have said that, haven't I? Oops, forgetful me. Let's move on to the next dish.

Prawns cooked in a special gravy that I slowly got used to. There's cashew nuts.... hmm... what else? I don't know but it can pass as delicious.

Another shot of my koala, still clinging onto its boomerang.

Vege with fake shark fins (crab chowder)

I always skip this dish every dinner because I am already full by the time the pulut rice reaches the table.

Tried panorama mode for the first time. First attempt looks not bad, right?

Second attempt. Less frames. I think only 2 frames.

Final attempt. Perfect. Can see half the table. Someday, I must go snap a picture of KLCC.

Desserts! Some sweet bao and mango-filling pancakes with fresh cream.

I never missed desserts since I always miss the pulut rice.

The white fungus+gingko+soya bean milk. Stuffed at this point.

Red wine imported from Australia. I think you can guess by now that the couple who got married were from Australia. That's why they come up with koalas as gifts.

Mr. Saunders, daddy of the bride chatting with dad about some electrical stuffs. He seemed like a nice man.

After the event:

The scenery from upstairs.

The groom and bride proposing a toast

Mom's cousin's son a.k.a. my second cousin (Is this correct, mom? I am bad with relating myself with relatives.)

The pretty bride's name is Victoria. Just found out that Vicky is the short name for Victoria.

Grandma kiasu wanna have her picture snapped too. I named this picture Grandma Icky. Hehe..

That's all for tonight. What a long post this is. Might post the wedding dinner tomorrow night if I am hardworking enough. Gaining KGs again. Thank you God for the food blessings! ♥

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