Sunday, October 09, 2005

a day trip to midvalley..

class party was yesterday but i couldn't make it so i didn't get to enjoy the food and all..anyway, i had a great time shopping at midvalley..

-my mom bought a red collar for saffy (just in case you 've got no idea who saffy is, she's my puppy)

-a cat from pet's wonderland scratched my dad's finger till it bled

-went hunting for shoes at various shop lots and found two lovely pairs (not for myself though..i think i'll search for mine at the night market;)..)

-ate laksa (my favourite)..we managed to find a place to sit as it's the fasting month..

-strolling and strolling.....and.......strolling....

-mom bought me a hairclip from evita (green colour of course)

we were there for i think about 5 to 6 hours..then we went to the airport and had dinner at kfc...the variety bucket...yummy..(at least i still got to eat kfc in kl when all my friends are enjoying kfc in ipoh)

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