Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The whole picture

After painstakingly taking hours and hours of time, one stitch after another, I finally had finished the whole picture.

The following are the pictures snapped at random times of the day and at random stages. I didn't think about snapping pictures about it at first so that is why there is no picture of the empty Aida cloth.

You cannot even guess what the picture is about.

What do you think this is? Try to make a guess.

Give up???

Okay la. You can see the picture below.

For those of you who guessed hair, congratulations! You have won yourself a pat on your back. No real prizes are to be given here as I am just a poor mouse. Hehe...

The features materialized further. I loved Kate Winslet's eye!! Gorgeous!!

Time to stitch the jewels on her hair.

Now what is the name of the ship again? About to be stitched!

We can play a game of Hangman here. It's called the TIT_NI_.

The completed picture waiting to be framed.

I am about to start another project soon and I wonder what picture would it be this time.

P/S: I thank the Lord for granting me such benevolent friends who are willing to spare some space for me at their homes on the 16th November. =) =) =)

I will be temporarily 'homeless' and 'carless' (not careless, okay?) on that day/night.

Thanks, my friends. You know who you are. I am still contemplating which house to go to. What a blessing!

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