Thursday, November 20, 2008

Damai Laut

The trip to Damai Laut from the 17-18 November was simply fabulous. We got to tour the hotel and the surrounding areas and we had loads of fun taking in the fantastic view of the sea (even the flies didn't pose much of a problem since the marvelous stay compensated for it). Even the seminar was great. I was kind of expecting the regular boring talk but it turned out surprisingly interesting with ice breakers in between the talk.

The pictures were not arranged chronogically, but do enjoy them anyway! I only some of the pictures from the trip. The rest of the pictures can be found all over facebook. =)

The best picture of the entire trip. Can you just feel the strong bond of friendship?

Snapped on the second day after the seminar is over.

The evening of the first day. High tide!

Touring around the resort in the buggy.

I love the waterfall. I always thought that this picture was drawn out of some artist's imagination.

Me at the entrance of Samsara Spa

The last day. While waiting for our transport to come.

Rewind back to the evening before.

This was the first time I went to the beach when the tide was getting higher. I dare say it was pretty scary to see the bold waves slapping further in onto the beach.

Kailash looked so blur. Have you eaten kailan today?

During lunch break.

During the two days, our meals were provided yet I couldn't eat much. And yet I could gain 2 kg after the trip. It's just so weird.

I loved the trip and can't wait for another one in the near future. =D

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