Sunday, November 09, 2008

An eye-opening experience

I've had a great weekend at Istana Hotel. I tend to get lazy to put captions below the pictures when there are too many of them so I'll just let them represent the thousands of words that they should.

Such a huge chandelier. Beautiful.

The corridor

Our room.

Nice number.

The bed quality was as good as Boulevard's.

Oh, should have taken the long-lasting orchid back home.

The drinks in the minibar.

Bottled drinks

Here are a few pictures of the bathroom. It seemed to be the main attraction of the room. The tiles were freezing cold all the time and I wondered why.

The shower room.

The bathtub which I never used.

Another separate section for the toilet bowl.

Hair dryer. Didn't use this either.

Me standing at the doorway of the toilet bowl section.

At night, we walked to Jalan Alor for dinner. There were so much choice of food that we did not know what to eat.

After dinner, I snapped some pictures of the tip of the KL Tower and also the Twin Towers.

These trees decorated with lights are ready for Christmas!

The pond at the far end of the front of the hotel.

From Room 1616, this was the view that we got.

A pool view.

Being a first timer staying at Bukit Bintang area, especially on weekends, there were a lot of things to see. Like in Lot 10, I witnessed a fight at the food court area and then there were the shufflers on the streets when I was in the monorail. The city came alive at night. I saw two monkeys led by a man (ready to do some monkey-business performances, I think) as well as a few girls/half-girls a.k.a. 'aquas' (can't tell them apart though) dressed skimpily promoting massage at the sidewalk. I was whispering to my mom that they might be promoting other extra services too after the massage. She nodded and smiled.

Being back feels good. I love the feeling of being back home after a trip. =)

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