Monday, March 14, 2011

Yet, another great Sunday.

Besides having to be alert and learn to find work to do all the time, I love my current department very much. My working hours seem to be shorten by half when I work there. An hour feels like minutes. And the people there are friendly too.

Last night was not busy but because we were understaffed, things were a little bit messy. But we managed to pull through and wrap up everything in success.

Oh yea, a couple of pictures from the pastry kitchen.

Bon Voyage cake for one of the leaving guests.

I think this cake belongs to Ferringhi Grill.

While on the way to the bus stop yesterday morning, I saw a couple of monkeys carrying some garbage in their hands.

They were very scared of me. Good monkeys minding their own monkey business. Hehehe.

Right after that, I saw another monkey grabbing a plastic bag joining the duo.

During service, Pastor Isaac mentioned about the lies we tell ourselves that there are certain areas in our lives which God cannot help us with. That is a lie. Every single area of our lives are God-created so He shall take control and we must not act by ourselves.

Walked over to Burma road and tried the prawn noodles. Quite delicious. RM3.50.

My supper prepared by the noodle chef. It's a huge portion and I took a long time to finish it.

He also gave me a bowl of soup with a big, fat mushroom and a piece of black chicken in it. Ate the mushroom, threw the black chicken away. :P

Today will be busy because it's Buy One Free One Day!

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