Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BBQ Plaza

The initial planning was to watch movie and come back. We didn't plan our lunch and then Bernice suddenly suggested BBQ Plaza in the Rapid. At the thought of BBQ Plaza, I still feel bloated.

We went straight to the cinema area when we reached and I wanted to watch Sanctum but the only available time is at 3.20pm. In the end, we decided to watch Black Swan at 2.40pm.

After doing some shopping it was time for indulgence at BBQ Plaza! It's a place where people cook their own food. Thank God we didn't have to prepare the ingredients. Hahahah!!

Being my first time there, I let Bernice, the BBQ Queen do the opening ceremony of melting the lard and covering all over the hot plate with it.

Bernice showing me a demo on how to do it.

As you can see, there's sort of a 'moat' all around the hot plate. You will see what it is for.

The delicious sauce! I wonder what the secret recipe was. It's a perfect combination with the meat.

The chicken stock + water all around the hot plate was ready. Yes, it was for the soup. The surface was also greased!

The Pork Set (RM11.90++). I was shocked to see the portion so huge. I never knew raw pork could look so beautiful.

This is one BBQ where you can get the soup in the same hot plate with the barbecued food.

My piece of raw pork ready to be seared.

The aroma was tantalizing. I just couldn't wait for them to be cooked!

Finally turning dark brown.

The fish cake that looked like a marshmallow.

Curry rice that was included in the set. Great combination with the meat and the sauce.

Bacons! This was a side order. RM6.90.

They were delicious. First time cooking a bacon in my life.

They not only offer pork but also some other meat.


The sliced pork dipped in the sauce. Tasted like 'ba gua'. Mmm...

The soup with lots and lots of vege to make it sweet. Then we added udon inside. According to the instruction, we only need to cook the udon for 30 seconds but I forgot about them and took them out later.

The food was cooking too fast that I had to put them on a plate. My plate of vege and pork.

Bottomless green tea that came with the set.

Finally it's time for the bacon to show itself. We reserved some pork to barbecue later because we need the bacon to grease the hot plate so that the next grilling would be more delicious.

Oh we also have chicken meat.

So much meat. No wonder I can't eat dinner.

The cooked underside.

Bacon on top of udon noodles and vegetables

Bernice enjoying the soup.

The amount of food I collected before eating them.

I created a bowl of udon soup noodles too!

The end of our barbecue session.

At this point, we were both very satisfied and bloated people.

The table setting came together with the instruction to cook.

We started eating at around 12.20pm and only finished eating at 2.10pm. That was one long dining session.

After that, we went for shopping again. This time, we shopped for socks.

While Bernice was choosing her socks, I snapped a photo of myself looking elongated.

On the way back home, I bought a souvenir for my two new dearies back in Ipoh.

Chewies with parsley extract to keep the breath fresh! Hehehe!!!

I saw a dog near Seaview that looks like the father of the Elles.

Tell me they look alike!

Tomorrow will be working afternoon shift. Buffet service throughout these few nights! No breakfast sessions! Yahoo!

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