Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good guests are like gems

So yesterday was a busy day, not at SMC but at the lobby lounge. It's Diner Dash in real life. Everyone wanted to order and have their food served fast. If only we have individual chefs for each and every guest, of course, this can be done.

The happiest thing happened was a couple wrote a good comment about me in the Customer Delight Card. I was overjoyed and thanked them for their kindness and they even wished me all the best in my training. It's not an every day event that I get to meet guests like these.

I don't know why I couldn't upload pictures from Flickr but I will keep trying. There are just so many photos I would like to share.

My new working schedule from tomorrow onwards.

14 Mar (Mon): 3-11pm
15 Mar (Tue): 3-11pm
16 Mar (Wed): 3-11pm
17 Mar (Thu): 3-11pm
18 Mar (Fri): OFF DAY!!
19 Mar (Sat): 7-3pm
20 Mar (Sun): 7-3pm

The next time I shift back to afternoon shift, I will go back to Ipoh. Definitely. :D

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