Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tomyam fried rice for dinner

I was on duty for the outdoor station this morning and indeed, it is much busier than inside. People tend to sit outside in the morning because it would be too cold inside! And the sun is back. That is another plus point why people choose to sit outside. But I will always opt to sit inside no matter what. I don't care if the air-conditioner freezes me to death. Hahaha!!!

The breakfast time closes at 10.30am every day but today there were several guests who arrived for BREAKFAST at 10.30am sharp. What good timing! I was halfway turning over some of the tables for lunch when six guests came over asking me where they could sit for breakfast. I asked them whether they would like indoor or outdoor (praying so hard that they will say indoor so that I don't have to reset breakfast setting for them) but they said, "If possible, we would like to sit outside." Dang. Truth to be told, I was a little frustrated but it's all right when I thought about these poor souls who had not eaten since morning. :)

Back home, I went straight to bed and slept for almost 1.5 hours with my make-up on. Eew, I know it's disgusting to sleep with the make-up on but I was fatigued. Probably done a lot of walking today, that's why. Then I did my laundry (of course, after removing my make-up) and then came online as usual. Soon it was dinner time and I messaged Kah Men to see if she had gone home for work. Poor girl. She was still working. So I went downstairs to the coffee shop near her flat and ordered a plate of tomyam fried rice and a glass of hot barley.

Hot barley is always good for the system. Everyone should drink more barley. :)

A few minutes later, my dinner came. I tell you the Malay/Indonesian lady is a terrific cook! She can cook very fast and the food always turns out to be DELICIOUS!

With lots of ingredients such as chicken meat, prawns, fish cake and such.

I just realised I had fried rice for breakfast and dinner today.

I could almost eat the whole plate if I were to have a bigger mouth to swallow.

Total I spent for dinner: RM5.00


Next, I might try their nasi goreng kampung or nasi goreng ayam. Both look good too.

Oh and another thing, I realised there is no lizard here at Seaview. Or I have yet to see one in my room. They hate the hilly places, I guess. That's good news for me.

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